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The SAP Enable Now, previously known as the SAP Workforce Performance Builder, is now ready to improve SAP end users experience. Enhancing their ability to train, upload and edit content at any time of the day, wherever they are in the world, whenever they need to.

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SAP Enable Now Available For Improved Performance

With a simplified user-friendly interface, SAP Enable Now, is the latest way in which users can author and launch context sensitive user-help, e-learning materials, training simulations, transaction documentation and test scripts. Making it easier for end-users to create their courses.

This is not only good news for SAP Workforce Performance Builder users, but also SAP S/4HANA customers as well. Giving them the added benefits of a seamless performance support that is necessary in dealing with contextual needs, not to mention added tutorials to help users with their business processes for long term projects as well as their daily end-user queries.

In the fast paced world of business, content can be introduced and reshaped onto users' courses with extra help and support. Focusing on the courses and online help they want to deliver, whilst ensuring all users within the process are on the same page. Collaborating and not conflicting. Meaning your business can keep moving forward with confidence.

But I Like SAP S/4HANA The Way It Is...

SAP Enable Now used in conjunction with SAP Manager Solution 7.2 enables users to optimize the features of SAP S/4HANA by providing 24/7 access the latest interactive e-learning available. Meaning end-users in different time zones can always be kept upto date whilst learning independently and at a time that suits them. Other users prefer to be instructor-led and so the online support team will be at hand to take users through parts of the platform they are unsure about.

This, essentially SAP Workforce Performance Builder update, has been created to be used as the most effective enabling platform for SAP software. Using this new software in conjuction with SAP Solution Manager means that consistancy remains, as the two have been designed to work in harmony with one another. These products are made by SAP for SAP users. And this is the fastest and simplest SAP product to date.

With end-to-end sustainable knowledge transfer. This software makes what was an already award winning product, in SAP Workforce Performance Buiilder, even more valuable for users old and new. The designs are sleaker and the continuing collaborative approach to performance building makes the SAP Solution Manager's job a lot easier, as well as its end-users.

All these features are available via the cloud or premise with upgraded web-based editing tools that allow users to produce formal and informal learning and training whether they are working from home or in the office. Develoments in quiz and interactive learning features have also improved the user experience and capabilities when using the software.


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