Linke at SAPSA Impuls: Girteka case study of SAP implementation on AWS

smart logisticsFor the second time, Linke has been part of the most important SAP event in Sweden, SAPSA Impuls 2020. The event was a great opportunity to learn first-hand about the success story of Girteka, one of the leading logistics companies, and how they have started the process of implementing SAP S/4 HANA for their business in the public cloud of Amazon Web Services and with the technical support of Linke.

Digital Transformation stories at SAPSA impuls

During 3 days, SAPSA Impuls opens a space for the SAP user group with the objective of presenting the most recent and relevant projects on digital transformation, implementation and integration of SAP systems and migrations of the company's various solutions to the cloud.

In this edition, Linke had the opportunity to present the SAP S/4HANA implementation project that the client Girteka is in the process of taking to the AWS cloud.


Watch the whole session during SAPSA Impuls and learn more about this case study:


Cloud-based logistic

With 25 years of experience in the sector, Girteka is the leading company in Digital Transport. Each process is based on a synergy between traditional transport and all the power of technology. For this reason, they have decided to begin a journey of modernization of the logistics processes through the implementation of SAP S/4HANA with the objective of offering an integral solution for transport management in the company.

As mentioned by Ausra Gustainiene, director of Girteka's digital transformation program, the initial objective was to take a step towards the digitalization of services and allow customers and partners to access data and services in just one click. The goal of this complex project, which began in January 2020 and will be developed over the next few years, includes:

  • Increase business productivity
  • To achieve a better quality in the transport management service
  • Accelerating the digitization of the transportation industry

Each one of these goals is possible thanks to the implementation of SAP in the company, since it will allow them to build a transport solution based on S/4HANA and lay the foundations of the innovation strategy to obtain a platform for the analysis of each vehicle and the tasks assigned to the drivers. 

Great challenges and high technological support

To carry out this project, the company has relied on the benefits of AWS as a cloud platform to host its SAP systems and on Linke for its extensive experience in cloud migrations and its ability to carry out the complex technical roadmap of SAP implementation in AWS. The logistics digitization program has three core variants: SAP HANA as the core system and AWS as the cloud platform for the migration; continuous improvement through the use of S4/HANA; and a comprehensive data center.

Why choose AWS for the deployment of the SAP environment?

After the evaluation of the many hosting solutions (on premise and remote connections to data centers), the AWS cloud has been the most reliable option to start the implementation process. The main advantages the company has found are:

  • Achieving a secure connection to data
  • A high level of performance of the hosted systems
  • Scaling according to business demand, without forgetting the great savings in infrastructure and systems management costs.

"It was the perfect choice to keep our SAP migration project on track and avoid the painful initial investment, and it has given us many possibilities for further integration with partners and customers," says Linas Mockevičius, End User Technologies and Operations Manager of Girteka.

SAP on AWS integration: Linke

Following AWS' best practices, the Linke team in charge of the project is planning a gradual integration of workloads, always aligned with business growth and demand. On the other hand, it is important for both parties to provision SAP in a controlled way, for example, to start with the installation of the Sandbox and the creation of the environment for the developers.

The right process is being the implementation of the automation capabilities offered by AWS, together with the automatic self-climbing capabilities for SAP developed by Linke.

And to guarantee data availability, according to Mario de Felipe, Linke's executive director, the Frankfurt region has been selected with different availability zones, which will undoubtedly provide the required latency and resilience for the SAP HANA environment.

The project is still underway but the results obtained so far in the development environments are adequate. In the future, the company will continue to implement the rest of the SAP services for the proper performance of its workloads in AWS.


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