Go serverless with AWS Lambda


Many organisations and businesses are resistant to going completely serverless. Although this resistance is understandable it is worth noting that the cloud technology that serverless applications are based on has improved significantly in recent years.

The benefits of using a serverless architecture far outweigh the potential problems that you may experience. Many large organisations have set the tone for serverless applications and architecture showing that the systems are worth investing in. 


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Automation of tasks

Using serverless applications that run on backends such as AWS Lambda allows businesses to add new ways of interacting with their customers and users. Examples of this are chatbots and virtual assistants that can interact with customers automatically and without any human involvement required.

This can give customers a better experience when working with your company because someone attends to them immediately when they access your website. Virtual assistants can even bring down payroll costs because of their ability to reduce the number of physical support staff required to attend to the needs of customers. Using AWS to implement such technologies has clear advantages.  


Cost effective application development

Serverless-architecture also allows for faster and more cost-effective development of applications. Because there is no need for expensive server architecture the total cost of ownership decreases significantly. By using AWS Lambda logic commands can be executed in the cloud and not on your own server.

Linking to Amazon API's has never been easier, simply write the code and execute it using AWS Lambda. Many companies do not yet have applications because of the somewhat prohibitive costs involved in developing custom applications. AWS has made it easier and within reach of even small companies to develop their own interactive applications. 

Serverless-architecture also offers scalability at much lower prices than ever before. Because all data is based and stored in the cloud, expanding or decreasing can be done in accordance with your needs. The costs involved in scaling up or down are significantly lower than with a server-based system where physical components often have to be replaced in order to accommodate changes. 


The future of applications

Serverless-architecture is the way of the future and the advantages of going this route is well worth investigating. A multitude of resources are available to developers to help them write better applications.

The internet has changed the way in which we do business and interact with our customer base, serverless-architecture and cloud-based computing is the next step in an ever-changing evolutionary process.

It is now even possible to use cloud computing for highly sensitive applications because of improved data security practices. This used to be one of the areas where traditional server-based systems were better, however, even secure applications are now using AWS to manage their back-end needs. 

Make sure you don't get left behind and investigate the ways in which cloud computing can be used in your business today!


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