Hassan Allam and AWS, driving Egypt's Digital Development


Since 1936, Hassan Allam Holding has been at the forefront of the engineering and construction industries in Egypt. The privately owned company is responsible for innovative projects that have contributed to growth in the country.

Hassan Allam has its fingers on almost everything from factories to residential real estate to hospitals. Most recently, the enterprise has ventured into digital technology, creating solutions, particularly in cloud computing that will drive digital development in Egypt and beyond. Hassan Allam Technologies was launched in 2016 as a subsidiary to handle this new role. The company focuses on the complete integration of various digital elements, including IT, mechanical and electrical. 


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Finding the right solution: SAP S/4HANA on AWS

One area that Hassan Allam is putting resources in is cloud computing. The company's premier project for cloud products and services was on enterprise resource planning. Sherif Youssef, CEO of Hassan Allam Technologies said that the reason they requested for an ERP solution was to get a system that integrated all the business processes from bidding to acceptance.

An updated ERP system is a great acquisition for Hassan Allam due to its numerous projects in the construction industry. SAP S/4HANA on AWS was the perfect fit for the cloud-based system that Hassan Allam was looking for. The in-memory analytics that comes with the business suite SAP ERP is one feature that swayed the company's choice. Implementing SAP S/4HANA came with various challenges because it had rarely been done before in the country, but Hassan Allam Technologies was willing to take the risk. The company wanted to prove what could be accomplished by investing in cloud technologies. 


Creating the Right Partnership with AWS and Linke

Youssef has worked with Amazon Web Services, so this background was key when decided to implement SAP in the cloud. The innovations that AWS has achieved and continues to accomplish make it the right service provider for a company that was working on improving cloud technology.

Taking on this project required Hassan Allam to collaborate with a partner specialized on SAP on AWS. Linke is Premier Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network, giving it the expertise to help with AWS infrastructure planning, operations support and migration setup.

Linke's skills and industry knowledge were influential in the success of the project. The partnership helped Hassan Allam Technologies to optimize cost, time and reduce risk. A big challenge that the company was concerned about when partnering with Linke was how the consultant would provide remote support. Linke proved to be efficient in its support, implementing the SAP on AWS satisfactorily. 


Growing on the Cloud

Working with the SAP ERP from Amazon Web Services gave the company the power to request the EC2 instances required for specific tasks, adopt changes to the network fast and alter memory requirements. The ERP also made it possible to boost EBS volumes. Hassan Allam was inspired to develop a cloud program that will help it enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated system like on-demand EC2 instances and EBS volumes. The company has reported experiencing fewer issues with its IT system since it moved to cloud hosting. Now it has the benefit of a single IT operation point for all its subsidiaries rather than individual ones for each. 

Moving to SAP on AWS improved issue response times dramatically for Hassan Allam, which fueled the company's focus on the cloud. With the success that the enterprise has seen, Youssef recommends that companies should look beyond on-premises data centres and consider the advantages of operating from the cloud.


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