How to optimize SAP infrastructure on AWS:  Linke Elastic SAP

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SAP infrastructural requirements change after some time due to varying needs. At the end of the month, you tend to require huge resources due to increased data loads, month-closing activities and reports that have to be submitted. These scenarios cause businesses to spend a lot to increase their resources requirements, yet when the peak-seasons are over most of the infrastructural capacity is left unused. In some other cases, businesses experience downtimes at this period as their resources are insufficient to handle the seasonal activities.

Against this backdrop, we have designed this webinar to show you how to adapt your existing SAP servers according to your business demands and avoiding excessive or insufficient investments while optimizing your costs on AWS. Here you have much more information about Linke Elastic SAP and how you can harness all the flexibility of Amazon Web Services.

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Easily adapt your infrastructure depending on your needs

It is possible to optimize SAP Servers by adapting their infrastructure automatically as per the business needs. Linke Elastic SAP  allows the scaling of SAP applications automatically on the AWS cloud according to the needs of your business. This is possible by automating provisioning and decommissioning the demanded resources. Once your EC2 resources get provisioned, the service goes ahead to install and configure all the required software on its own. It is an easy and speedy method of ensuring that you have the resources you need when you have high loads. 

Linke's Elastic SAP also is based on AWS Cloudwatch metrics that act as triggers to scale your systems up or down. This saves you from the need for monitoring and exhausting manual configurations. You also do not need to have specialised SAP skills to operate the service. To make matters even better, this service is priced per usage on an hourly basis following AWS cost patterns. The flexible payment means that you will just pay for what you use to help you manage costs.

A Quick Preview of Linke's Elastic SAP Benefits

  • It offers a flexible, horizontal scaling solution.
  • It is a fully automated service that installs and configures the required software on its own.
  • You pay for the service according to your usage in a convenient hourly billing on top of EC2.
  • The service uses reliable CloudWatch metrics to determine whether to scale your systems up or down intelligently.

More about Linke´s Webinar on Elastic SAP

On this upcoming webinar, we will be talking about ways to adapt the SAP infrastructure according to parameters defined by your business demand using Elastic SAP.

When: Live online October 23rd at 4pm (Spain - Madrid Zone Time)
How long: 45 min.
SAP on AWS experts: Ricardo Casanovas, CTO & Co-Founder Linke / Guillermo Torres, Product Development Lead


Learning areas will include:

  • How to use the service for scaling SAP applications up and down while looking at different metrics on AWS.
  • How to optimize cost by making use of the service resources when you really need it.

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