Implement changes speedily with CHEF Automate and AWS


Chef Automate is an easy way for network administrators and enterprises to manage their entire network of nodes, data centres and servers. It allows administrators to understand exactly what is happening in IT infrastructure systems with one simple glance at the Chef Automate Dashboard. Policies, OS updates and patches and new users can all be managed with ease. 

Other than the advanced monitoring functions that Chef software offers, it also allows software developers and engineers to collaborate with ease and implement important changes swiftly and easily.

Business moves at lightning speed and it is therefore extremely important that your software keeps up with the pace, Chef Server was designed with this in mind. Data managed by Chef Automate uses high strength access management to prevent unauthorised access to sensitive data, while at the same time, making it easier for authorised collaborators to access mission-critical data.

The platform even goes as far as monitoring the nodes on your network for compliance, alerting you with ease if there are any errors.  Chef Server allows administrators to create "cookbooks" or policy sets that can easily be applied to any new nodes on the network. Chef Server is also fully scalable meaning that it is suitable for any business size. 
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AWS Opsworks For Chef Automate

AWS Opsworks for Chef Automate allows the seamless integration of Chef software into your existing AWS cloud platform. Integration can be done in as little as 15 minutes. AWS is used for many different purposes by many customers, having a system in place that can easily monitor and manage the nodes on your AWS network can prove vital to any business. 

Benefits of Chef-Automate for your business

This software provides many benefits to business owners and systems managers. It increases overall security and efficiency of nodes on your network by providing a central management tool. Knowledge is power, knowing what exactly is happening on your network is critical to keeping things running smoothly.

Potential downtime caused by maintenance issues can be detected sooner and fixed before they become a problem. Security risks can also be mitigated since user authentication is made easier than ever before on this platform. Perhaps most importantly, the platform enables better and easier collaboration.

Collaboration is absolutely essential to promote creativity and the development of software. Because of the multitude of collaboration tools built into the software, it is easier than ever before for contributors to work together.

Managing various policies for different user groups is also greatly eased. Cookbooks allow administrators to create and store pre-defined policies that can easily be applied to new or existing nodes on the system.

The platform is very easy to integrate into Amazon Web Services and this makes it a great tool for users who have migrated their datacentres to cloud-based service providers. Ease of management is the ultimate advantage that the software offers users.


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