Integrating SAP systems with AWS cloud services

75272744_mMore companies worldwide are aware of all the benefits offered by the public cloud in order to streamline the daily management of data and workloads, taking advantage of the flexibility and efficiency of cloud environments in their digital transformation processes.

At Linke, we know that customers think of Amazon Web Services as a suitable platform for integrating their SAP systems, increasing the migration projects into AWS’ storage instances. For that reason our experts at Linke had developed a cloud-based and SAP certified solution to achieve this task in an easy and secure manner: AWS Connector for SAP.

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Seamless manage of SAP systems

Agility and flexibility are two main benefits of working on cloud servers, many applications and critical workloads work in a faster and secure manner thanks to the seamless integration of native server languages that allow proper interaction between SAP and Amazon Web Services.

In order to manage these integrations, at Linke we have developed the AWS Connector, a SAP certified cloud-based solution that works as an add-on for SAP systems. The Connector is written in ABAP language and developed in SAP NetWeaver, allowing to connect the systems to Amazon S3 using the specifications of the interface or existing linking code of the SAP systems.   

Plus, this guarantees total security by using HTTPS protocols for data encryption. In addition, among its advantages, it allows cost optimization, analysis and modification of SAP data on a large scale. 

The integration of the AWS Connector for SAP does not require extra hardware to interact between AWS and SAP. On the other hand, it guarantees full end-user transparency, which means that the connector acts at a lower level through an SAP content repository to have a 1:1 relationship with the S3 Buckets, always respecting the SAP Archivelink interface.

Optimized cloud storage with SAP workloads

Apart from an easy integration, this solution enables companies to simplify their SAP architecture in a cost-effective way and by connecting a huge variety of AWS services such as Amazon S3, Lambda, Simple Notification Service (SNS), Simple Queue Service (SQS), Key Management Service (KMS), Athena or DynamoDB.

Plus, it provides business with the exact tools too improve agility and flexibility. Want to know more about the AWS Connector?

Guillem Torres, Solution Architect and SAP expert, and Gerard Lagalina, SAP ABAP Analyst have developed a webinar to explain how to integrate AWS Cloud services with SAP systems using the AWS Connector. During the session you can learn how to:

  • Install and configure the Add-on
  • Use cases and benefits in clients reducing size, costs, time and gaining in accessibility of their files.

You will also learn how to perform integrations with native cloud applications or connecting to databases in the cloud according the different available scenarios such as Data Archiving and Datalakes.

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