IT market: future and impact during the sanitary crisis

34233310_mThe economic situation experienced as a result of the evolution of COVID-19 has generated an impact on how the market works and, of course, of its priorities. Today, businesses are reinforcing their digital transformation process to evolve at a time when innovation is essential to provide an optimized service and minimize security risks but also costs, as far as possible.

Digital transformation was already very important before the beginning of this 2020, but it has taken on special relevance during this context with many companies implementing home office and many digital tools in order to keep connected. Technology has been a fundamental part of this process.

1. Digital solutions for companies

As these times were uncertain for many tech companies, technology has been a great ally for many bussinesses. Thanks to the huge digital solutions provided by many vendors, work teams had been able to keep the good work, communication and a data access. The situation created by the effect of the pandemic has established a turning point in the forecasts that entities had made for this time context.

The impact in companies has touched different levels of the corporate processes, from the implementation of cloud tools and migration projects to fundamental changes such as the workplace, transforming it into a complete digital environment. On the other hand, some other entities have experienced a pause in the pace of their daily activity, leading to a re-evaluation of strategies to improve the service.

This undoubtedly affects the evolution of all projects. Investment in cloud computing offers new resources for companies preparing to boost their excellence with new digital solutions at a time when new measures need to be implemented.

2. Customers' new priorities

At the same time, the recent applied mesures has not only affected market sectors, including technology, but the personal and professional circumstances of some consumers have also changed in recent weeks, prioritizing cost-efficency, security and flexibility of their infrastructures and systems. 

Thus, the price factor, the importance of business continuity, opeartions and a quick response to crisis can become the ultimate reason why a customer decides to choose one product or service over another. A reality that affects purchasing decisions and, therefore, the available options of those companies that provide this specialized service.

3. Improve cloud computing projects

Despite the vulnerability that IT services can experience, just like other market sectors, technology itself has the strength of all its provided solutions. For example, investment in cloud computing is important for companies and businesses that, due to a flexible and agile service, rely on infrastructures to carry out their activity, guaranteeing the continuity of the business strategies and the security and access to customers' data. 

There is no question that Information Technology is an essential component nowadays. Ultimately, the evolution within the IT sector will be influenced according to the actions of each company towards the adaptation of their activities into a more digital environment, which minimizes risks, guarantees data security and, above all, has an infrastructure that is proof against future breakdowns.

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