Webinar: Know the Benefits of Integrating Cloud-based SAP Systems Using Linke AWS Connector for SAP


Many companies are integrating Amazon Web Services into their SAP workloads. This year alone, there has been tremendous growth in demand for migration and deployment of SAP workloads to the already set up cloud storage.

Linke AWS Connector for SAP is an application developed using ABAP language to help businesses perform SAP-centric digital information strategies like database migrations to SAP HANA, SAP deployments, and projects that integrate SAP systems with Amazon Web Services.




Upcoming Webinar: How to Integrate On-Premise or Cloud-Based SAP Systems Using Linke AWS Connector

Linke CTO and CO-founder, Ricardo Casanovas will be explaining how enterprises can adopt cloud storage from SAP data to Amazon S3 in our upcoming webinar on 30th October 2018. He will look at three essential areas as highlighted next. 


SAP Data Archiving 

Cloud service providers like AT&T, Google, IBM and others helps businesses save on costs associated with adding, monitoring, maintaining and managing servers. It is a critical point for enterprises using SAP workloads as applications like ERP generate useful information that provides an edge for the business.

As such, storage and easy accessibility of such critical information are imperative for any business because users need fast speed-to-screen information to make informed decisions. Data archiving addresses this problem by allowing enterprises to obtain less frequently accessed information fast.

For SAP users, the main concern is to ensure smooth access to data and documents through SAP application regardless of whether the data is stored online, offline or in the cloud. Integrating Linke AWS Connector for SAP on cloud-based applications makes data archiving process even easier by providing a direct connection from the SAP archiving layer to the cloud provider.

It acts as a link to enterprise content management and local storage devices to SAP applications for long-term storage of archived data. Companies enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Increased efficiency and speed of operations 
  • Compliance with legislative rules for data retention 
  • Reduced cost of the unused space 
  • Reduced production database volume and maintenance costs 


SAP Data Extraction to S3 

Traditional data management and extraction techniques are gradually being phased out as enterprises adopt the use of data lakes and cloud connectivity as the differential factor in various deployments. Additionally, regulations and compliance frameworks are increasingly growing stricter, causing organisations to look for dedicated data management tools that keep data safe from internal and external threats.

The integration of SAP add-on in the form of a Connector allows enterprises to extract, store and analyse any amount of data securely regardless of the scale. If the business is using the cloud as its main data storage location, users can easily distribute data to other managed services for big data analytics and process SAP data in a flexible way. Additionally, enterprises can transfer SAP data directly to Amazon S3 without the use of a supplementary storage system. All this is made easier with the SAP add-on. 


SAP Document Storage 

Linke AWS Connector has been developed using ABAP language, which connects any SAP system to Amazon's S3 (Simple Storage Service) feature using SAP's archive link interface specifications. As such, businesses can leverage on the security, durability and cost-effectiveness of the S3 application for SAP.

The integration of Cloud-based SAP systems with the Linke AWS Connector also allows businesses to take advantage of the infinite storage feature that expands based on the user's needs. This way, the enterprise does not need to determine the actual storage capacity required for the business.


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