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The 2019 edition of SAPSA Impuls will take place next  4th and 5th November and Linke is proud to be part of it for the first time. SAPSA Impuls is one of the most important SAP events in Sweden and, as every year, it is addressed to the SAP User Group. Throughout interesting and inspiring presentations, seminars, hands-on sessions and forums, many experts from worldwide companies will be able to share their experiences and success stories using SAP applications and software.

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The event will be a great opportunity to learn firsthand stories about companies’ digital transformation through the implementation of SAP solutions in order to achieve the data and systems integration among different business areas. It is also geared towards improving participant's knowledge and mindset for a successful future in the digital world.

The agenda at SAPSA Impuls 2019

This year's edition aims to exceed the attendance of more than 700 delegates and will be filled with exciting lectures and face-to-face access in which artificial intelligence, digital transformation, IoT, SAP systems integration in cloud environments and process automation will be some of the main main topics.

During SAPSA Impuls 2019, customers and colleagues will be sharing digital transformation experiences of worldwide companies, SME’s and start-ups within different business areas, from automotive and aerospace industry, delivering and manufacturing business to Information Technology sector.

Among the participants, SAPSA Impuls will have the attendance of important companies such as Siemens, Volvo, Borealis or Amazon Web Services, which, through the use of SAP applications, have achieved high levels of automation and process improvement.

Innovating with SAP and AWS: Linke

As an AWS Premier Partner with the SAP Competency, Linke has helped many companies develop SAP-centric digital transformation strategies, such as database migration to SAP HANA, new SAP implementations, or projects that incorporate SAP systems into Amazon Web Services.

In addition, Linke has also worked on solutions such as the AWS Connector for SAP, a SAP plug-in written in ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) language that enables the integration of applications on AWS with SAP systems following the cloud best practice guidelines.

The entire suite of Linke cloud-based products and solutions has been developed to improve SAP systems running on AWS and make them work faster and more efficiently, allowing infrastructure and operations cost savings and optimal integration of all available data. As the first Spanish company to obtain the SAP Workload Competency accreditation from AWS, in 2018 Linke has achieved:

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Silver sponsor at SAPSA Impuls 2019

To share how to harness all the power of SAP on AWS, Linke will have an inspiring session from Mario de Felipe, Executive Director, in which he will explain the success stories of worldwide customers such as Engie, french multinational electric utility company, and Barceló Hotel Group.

During the lecture we will discuss how the implementation of SAP BW/4HANA and migration of SAP systems on AWS cloud can reduce infrastructure and operational costs while increasing performance. Plus, we will mention the advantages the solution offers regarding cloud computing which include scalability and flexibility.

In addition to the presentation, Linke will have a stand right next to the AWS booth, where SAP and AWS experts can be reached to answer any questions about implementing and deploying SAP systems in the cloud, also to know the unique products created to run SAP on AWS.

Here are all the details of Linke's presentation: 


When:  4th November at SAPSA Impuls 2019

Time: 12.00 pm

Who: Mario de Felipe, Executive Director

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Harness all the power of SAP on AWS! 


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