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The AUSAPE forum this year will mark its 25th anniversary. As the event reaches its 25th milestone, there will be an extra day for celebrations. The event will take place from June 4 to June 6 at the Zaragoza Conference Centre. Associates will get a chance to enjoy an extra day of being part of the biggest event in the SAP ecosystem in Spain.

The event this year aims to achieve an attendance of over a thousand guests. Special participants from over 22 User Associations from around the world will also attend. Due to its continued success, the forum will have over 60 success stories to be exhibited by SAP-customers, partners, and those that have been jointly developed.

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The Agenda of the AUSAPE Forum

The agenda of the forum will be explained by some keynote speeches:

  • Anxo Perez, the creator of will promote innovation with his presentation. 
  • Guillermo Canovas, the director of the observatory for responsible technology use EducaLIKE will present on how to overcome 4D and achieve 5D. His exhibition and that of Albert Agustinoy, a partner at CUATRECASAS, will focus on the Digital Disconnection.

There will also be a debate on pricing by David Arrizabalaga around the licensing topicArrizabalaga is a member of the BOD of AUSAPE on behalf of DAMM. Dirk Kaestner the Chief Expert of Business Development at SAP SE, Ignacio Agudo from SAP-EMEA, Rob Van den Mark from KPMG, and the CIO of GM Foods, Joan Torres, will all take part too. Representatives of executive networks from the user associations of AUSIA, SUGEN, and SAP BW/4HANA will also join them.

The Managing Director of SAP BW/4HANA Spain will also be part of the forum. He will be joined by the Customer Experience Leader, Alfonso Cossio, who will lead a keynote session on the topic.
There will be other parallel sessions, which will be more similar to past years. Over 40 companies and their partners will present their success stories using cloud computing technology. The focus will be on how cloud computing has helped them to improve business processes. There will also be demo sessions from over 60 sponsor stands. 

Linke, Sponsor at the Forum

Linke will be a sponsor for the second time at this event sharing our experience about SAP on AWS. Besides that, we will share the products we have created to run SAP on AWS and we'll participate in the presentation of ENGIE's case study.

ENGIE, the French multinational electric utility company will present, in partnership with Linke, the details of their initiative to tackle digital transformation using SAP BW/4HANA. It will also discuss the advantages the solution offers in cloud computing which include scalability, flexibility, ease of integration and cost saving.

The French company decided to use SAP BW/4HANA solution after its Spanish subsidiary reviewed its Analytical strategy in 2018 and came up with a new proposal for the governance of data and modernization of its technology platforms. The SAP BW/4HANA solution was also chosen due to its 'cloud first' strategy in cloud computing and was implemented on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform under Linke´s guidance. The presentation of the success story will take place the 5th June at the B34 room - Exhibition Hall, ground floor - from 3pm



This body brings together most of the SAP customers and partners in Spain. Their aim is to promote the transfer of knowledge and transfer vision and perspective of customer needs to the main supplier. They communicate to SAP the experience and needs of the association in all areas, including the functional and technical areas that are related to services and products. They also make suggestions on the improvements that can be made to the products.

They also work to establish relationships with related professional groups, both on a national and international level. These associations include government bodies and they have a Supreme Organ that meets at least once a year.

Their BOD is made of seven members from which the position of Vice President. Treasurer, Secretary, and President are picked. An SAP - representative who has a voice but not a vote is also part of the board. The organization has a different type of associates that include:

• Void:These have a software license, which lets them use it within a geographical area. They are not considered system providers or providers of any services or products that are related to SAP.

• Specials:These have made a special request to be admitted because of the interest that their participation could have for SAP users. Their participation will often be limited to attendance and they do not have a vote.


If you are interested on finding out all the details related to the agenda and the rest of the activities during the Forum AUSAPE 2019, do not forget to visit their minisite.   



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Download The Linke AWS Connector for SAP in PDF