Linke at the AWS Summit Paris 2019 as Gold Sponsor


The AWS Summit Paris 2019 is scheduled to happen on Tuesday 2, April. It will take place at the Palais des Congrès where the cloud computing community of France will interact at length the Amazon officials to collaborate and learn more about the Amazon Web Services. 

If you are a fan of artificial intelligence and you can make it to Paris on Tuesday, then do not miss this event. You will be able to learn more about the modernizing your data warehouse, choosing the correct database for your business and join the digital transformation revolution using AI. During the event Amazon Web Services  will show how to help technologists from different industries create flexible  solutions to perennial problems. 

At the AWS Summit, you will listen to speeches from top company leaders, partners, and clients. You can get maximum knowledge at this summit by actively participating in technical demonstrations, team challenges and workshops. Moreover, you will also get the chance to network with the institution partners during the Partners and Solutions Expo.

Linke, AWS Premier Partner with the SAP Competency, will participate as Gold Sponsor for the first time this year to explain how we have achieved 52 SAP workload migrations to AWS in 2018 and how we manage more than 300 SAP instances on AWS.


Summit Paris


Main topics of the AWS Summit Paris 2019

The main topics to be discussed at the Amazon Web Services Summit in Paris include the following: 

1. Machine Learning 

This subset of artificial intelligence which entails that computer systems can effectively perform a specific task by relying on patterns and inferences instead of explicit instructions will be discussed at length during the Summit. 

Whether you would want to learn using their already made AI services or build your templates, the Amazon Web Services experts will be there to guide you. By joining the technical sessions, you will be able to amass a lot of knowledge on Machine Learning. 


2. Hybrid Architecture 

For those technologists who want to learn more about integrating on-premises resources with cloud resources, you will find this topic session more beneficial. You will get to understand the importance of hybrid architecture as part of cloud adoption and learn how to build your cloud on Amazon Web Services. 


3. Database Migration 

Database migration increases your productivity as a company which in turn lowers your costs of operation. If you want to learn more about migrating data to the cloud, then you can attend the data migration sessions and get to know how to migrate data easily. 


4. Security 

AWS cloud security is one of the trending topics in Amazon Web Services Summits across the world. The experts and partners will explain in detail how to evolve your digital infrastructure while retaining a secure cloud environment. It is the first topic to be handled, and therefore you should arrive in time to benefit from this session. 


Main events to take place at the AWS Summit in Paris 

Keynote Opening by Adrian Cockcroft 

Adrian Cockcroft is the vice president of the Cloud Architecture Strategy of the AWS. His opening speech for the summit will focus on the needs of cloud-native and the benefits technologists across the world have accrued since the inception of the Amazon Web Services. 


AWSome Day Paris Cloud 

On May 3rd, you will get the chance to ask questions to a technical trainer who will help you get started on the Amazon Web Services Cloud and answers to all of your questions. A repetition training is to on 7th June, and 5th July in Paris so keep your schedule open to attend these events. 


Linke at the AWS Summit Paris 2019

Check out our booth G2 at AWS Summit Paris! We will be delighted to share our experience regarding SAP on AWS as well as our unique products developed to help SAP run on AWS.

Besides, we will be presenting how to "Accelerate S/4HANA Migrations to AWS" at the Salle de Conference 241 - Expo Level 2 at 12:45. Come to learn the challenges large companies with SAP ERP are facing as they are obliged to migrate to S/4HANA by 2025 and how this transition is becoming an opportunity for them to adapt to the new technologies, including cloud.


The AWS Paris Summit 2019 offers the French clouding and computing community a chance to learn new skills on cloud computing. You should attend this event and sessions if you want to acquire more knowledge on data migration and AWS cloud security.

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