Linke with AWS at the SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 in Orlando


If you are passionate about digital transformation and want to improve the cloud computing services of your company through innovation, then SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 is a must attend. From May 7th to May 9th, the 2019 conference will be taking place in Orlando, Florida. If you cannot make it, then you can join millions of other people around the world that will be watching it Live. 

Today, SAP on AWS is used by thousands of companies across the globe for their digital transformation. By attending this upcoming event, you will learn how to simplify your SAP (Systems Applications and Products) S/4HANA journey and even accelerate your innovation Cloud platform with AWS.

Download The Linke AWS Connector for SAP in PDF

The Agenda to Attend the SAPPHIRE NOW 2019

There will be important events held at this year's conference including multiple theatre presentations where customers share their experiences using Systems Applications and Products.

Moreover, you will get to interact with Amazon Web Services partners like Linke who will guide you through the SAP products and services' journey. Key speakers will explain the benefits of working with SAP on AWS and the possible future improvements in the current cloud computing software.


Systems Applications and Products on AWS session

This is the biggest event of the SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 conference happening in Orlando, Florida. It is scheduled for May 7th and will be held at the Delighted Customers Theater at 1.30pm Eastern Time. Ensure you attend this event if you want to know how Systems Applications and Products has impacted the Amazon Web Services such as scaling of operations as well as lowering of IT costs. 


AWS Booth Theatre Sessions: Join us there!

You can join the Amazon team at the AWS Booth theatre and learn from AWS and APN partners about how they can help you in the digital transformation journey. You will be able to learn how to implement, migrate and manage SAP services on the Amazon Web Services (AWS). The event will be held at the AWS Booth Theatre in Booth 2000. Some of the topics to be discussed include: 

  • The AWS Quick Starts for Systems Applications and Products - which will be handled by AWS staff
  • How to enhance the Systems Applications and Products’ availability on AWS using the Cluster Connector- It will be handled SUSE who is an AWS partner. 
  • Linke will talk at deep lengths about Systems Applications and Products S/4HANA Implementation and Deployment. 
  • AWS will talk to the audience again on how to deliver Systems Applications and Products GUI with AppStream.


Linke at the SAPPHIRE NOW 2019

Mario De Felipe, US General Manager at Linke, will be there talking about  how to Extend your SAP applications to the cloud with Linke's AWS Connector for SAP.   

SAP Customers are seeking to integrate their SAP applications with cloud native applications and workloads running on AWS. Whether if it is in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, or any cloud native workload, enterprises need to integrate these applications with their business data residing in SAP.

Linke's AWS connector for SAP is a SAP Certified  ABAP add-on that enables seamless integration between SAP applications and the AWS cloud without the need of any middleware or additional infrastructure. SAP customers can leverage Linke's AWS Connector for SAP to store documents and archived data on Amazon S3, integrate with Data Lakes implemented on Amazon S3.


The 2019 conference gives you limitless opportunities to improve on your innovations. By sharing ideas with the people you meet at the meeting, you will easily find ways to solve cloud computing challenges.

Important AWS partners such as Linke will be present at the SAPPHIRE NOW 2019 conference to guide you on how to simplify the Systems Applications and Products S/4HANA journey and innovate faster. Come and join us!


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Download Key Steps to Adopt DevOps on a Cloud-Native Company in PDF
Download The Linke AWS Connector for SAP in PDF