AWS launches Linke AWS Connector and Emory Backup for SAP on the Solutions Space


Many enterprises have implemented Amazon Web Services since it was launched. And, with the development of SAP workloads, firms are looking for ways to migrate and deploy this technology on Amazon Web Services cloud.

Linke helps those companies perform SAP-centric digital transformation strategies like database migration to SAP HANA, new SAP deployments or projects that incorporate SAP systems into Amazon Web Services.


Two of the key products are Linke's AWS connector for SAP and Emory Cloud Backup. The AWS Connector is a new tool that enables the migration and integration of information from the SAP technology platform to the Amazon Web Services cloud. Emory is responsible for backing up and restoring SAP HANA and SAP ASE databases. 

The implementation of AWS software resources in ABAP language enables companies to leverage Amazon's web-based resources as an extension of SAP workloads using the same language and tools and allow full integration into the SAP environment.

Proudly helping companies on their journey to AWS

Today, Linke supports more than 300 SAP instances on AWS with the help of certified engineers from SAP and AWS. Customers such as Ávoris,  Barceló Hotel Group and FortisOntario have already started using Linke's solutions based on AWS cloud and services. 

  • In the case of Ávoris, the add-on enables direct integration with the Ávoris SAP ERP platform for archiving objects. This simplifies the archiving process and also reduces costs by eliminating the need for on-premises archiving infrastructure. 
  • While Barceló Hotel Group has reduced its physical storage needs by more than 800 GB and the backup time to 30%  with database maintenance efficiency improving by 20%.
  • And our most recent success story with electric company FortisOntario and the adoption of the Linke's add-on in order to improve customer experience, reducing costs but gaining in flexibility and scalability by integrating the Connector to their billing system.

Linke AWS Connector for SAP highlights 

Amazon Web Services allow enterprises to run SAP workloads. It's a flexible and cost-efficient model with certifications for security and compliance and has global infrastructure to help users get started on integrating SAP on web-based applications on Amazon. The range of features included on Linke´s AWS Connector for SAP help optimize SAP in the cloud. Such features include: 

  • Native SAP ABAP add-on
  • ­AWS SDK implementation in ABAP
  • ­SAP ArchiveLink Compatible
  • Integrate SAP workloads with AWS Services
  • ­Leverage AWS Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) storage service for SAP Documents and SAP Data Archiving requirements
  • Accelerate experimentation, innovation and implementation of integration scenarios between SAP workloads and AWS Services



SAP Backup with Emory Cloud

Emory Cloud Backup is our solution for companies to simplify their backup solution, integrating SAP HANA and SAP ASE (Sybase) databases with Amazon S3 service.

It is an easily deployable solution on HANA and SAP ASE database servers. It also supports all versions of SUSE and Red Hat supported by SAP. No additional server deployment is required. Configuration is done through a simple and intuitive configuration process, focused on backup security and reliability.

As of the latest product update, it is now possible to implement the SAP Backint interface for SAP ASE databases (Sybase) allowing databases to be restored directly to Amazon S3 with double the speed.

Why Emory is a great solution?
  • Customers can benefit from stable and secure transfer, with speeds of up to 200MB/s (which translates into about 800Gb of data per hour).
  • In addition, Emory connects natively to SAP databases and S3 storage, reducing RTO (recovery time objective) by not relying on third parties for copy access.
  • Leveraging AWS lifecycle policies and automatically moving old backups to cheaper or longer-lasting storage types.

Find them in the AWS Solution Space

Amazon Solution Space provides a wide range of secure and scalable solutions developed by AWS partners such as Linke and validated by Amazon Web Services. Through the Consulting Offers, the customer can benefit from the integration of SAP applications to AWS services, always counting on the analysis by Amazon Web Services. 

 For more information, do not forget to visit the web pages within the Solution's Space for each product: Emory Cloud Backup and AWS Connector for SAP.

If you have been interested in any of our solutions, access Linke's website, where you will find the free trial versions of Emory Cloud Backup and the free demo of the AWS Connector for SAP. 


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