Committed to innovation: Linke is now a SAP Gold Partner

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With ten years working hand by hand with worldwide companies, Linke has achieved a new badge in the SAP Partners Program, the higher scale among the partners rank: SAP Gold Partner. This certification validate us as an innovative company with solutions and products adapted to every business need.

The Gold certification of the partners within the SAP PartnerEdge Program is granted to companies with extensive experience and a high level of performance during the delivery of SAP solutions to medium and large companies. 

Being a SAP Gold Partner

SAP is known as the most used business management software. It is a very complete tool that offers solutions to countless customers, through its partners. Recently Linke has become a SAP Gold Partner after an evaluation in the use of high standards and excellent quality of the delivered services. 

Being a SAP Gold Partner is the highest status that SAP grants its partners. With this new recognition, the company has a much greater commitment helping all its customers adopting cloud technology, services and storage.

Our commitment as SAP Gold Partners

At Linke we have always been involved in the development of the best technology in order to enable and facilitate access to all the power of the cloud by integrating SAP systems. It is not just a matter of helping our clients migrate to the cloud, but also to ensure that their work is integrated with all the infinite possibilities of cloud services, making it easy and of course, with higher savings.

We have a 10 years expertise in managing SAP and Amazon Web Services' cloud. In addition, we manage storage solutions for more than 20 clients, in around 13 countries around the world.

On the other hand, this achievement certifies us as a company with the existing knowledge and resources to apply the DevOps methodology in order to develop and operate cloud solutions.

The services offered by Linke as a Gold Partner are:

  • Operations with SAP HANA.
  • Cloud storage operations.
  • Operations with DevOps.

We also implement all these operations with products developed by our SAP and AWS experts: 

AWS Connector for SAP: is our solution developed to integrate SAP systems and extract, analyze and store documents directly into AWS, using datalakes and machine learning. 

Emory Cloud Backup: has been designed to integrate with Amazon S3, making backups easier and more secure. In addition, Emory already allows data recovery from Oracle, SAP HANA and SAP ASE databases. 

Linke's Solutions for SAP 

At Linke, we work on a worldwide scale, as mentioned, being a Gold Partner means having the required experience in SAP management and running projects that include the deployment of SAP in AWS. To talk about this track record, nothing better than our case studies with companies worlwide:

Among the most recent success stories, we have worked with Simon, a leadership company among the industry sector. They have trusted Linke to integrate their SAP systems into AWS, multiplying performance and modernizing the group's management systems. In a 5-phase project, the ERP, development, quality and production environment was successfully migrated. 

Another great example is the success story with FAIN lifts, migrating its SAP systems to the AWS cloud to boost its infrastructure and daily management processes. In just ten weeks, FAIN had all its environments in the cloud, including a new version of its Oracle database.

Thinking of deploying SAP on AWS cloud? You can download this free white paper to know all the benefits:

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