Innovation and Expertise: Linke Becomes a SAP Silver Partner

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Linke, one of the fastest-growing SAP partners, has moved a scale higher on the SAP partners' rank by earning a silver status. The company serves over 20 multinational clients in more than nine countries. It achieved the status upgrade milestone by earning SAP certifications and developing SAP-certified products. 

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Linke's SAP Certifications

The first certification is for SAP hosting management solutions. It means the company owns the required expertise to help SAP clients to minimize operational costs by operating and maintaining SAP applications running on AWS cloud.

SAP HANA operations certification allows Linke experts to help SAP users to implement innovative solutions. The service is essential for companies that need to accelerate their service delivery and business process using SAP.

SAP evaluates and verifies different areas in order to grant this badge. In this case, Linke has successfully approved:

  • Service portfolio
  • Operations / operations with SAP HANA 
  • Previously obtained certifications and proven capabilities (this includes Linke's expertise in SAP on AWS cloud)
  • Infrastructure
  • IT services delivery and management support processes

The third one is the SAP DevOps certification. With it, Linke is proven to follow the DevOps methodology best practices in order to launch projects to create and implement solutions that will minimize process and SAP applications failure. The reviewed and certified areas include the pipeline (linked processes), infrastructure and continuous learning.

Global Service Delivery

Since Linke works on a worldwide scale, the SAP certifications mean they can now offer their services in all regions. This upgrade not only expands Linke's geographical scope but also puts them under constant inspection by SAP. It is important to mention that SAP does the assessments to ensure a high standard of implementation and management of innovative SAP solutions.

SAP-Certified Products

Emory Cloud Backup and AWS Connector for SAP are the two Linke products that have earned a SAP certification. Emory Cloud Backup offers an easy way for SAP users to backup or recover cloud-based SAP HANA databases using Amazon S3. It supports both single and multi-node SAP HANA deployment on AWS.

The AWS Connector for SAP is a tool that offers a secure, seamless, and cost-effective way of integrating SAP systems directly on AWS. It simplifies the analysis, retrieving, and archiving SAP data on AWS cloud services.The AWS Connector for SAP is suitable for large-scale use as it employs advanced machine learning and data lake technologies.

A Proven Track Record

A look at Linke’s record of accomplishment based on SAP knowledge or using the SAP-certified products shows that the status upgrade it received was worth it. Three worthy mentions are Majestic Resorts, Barceló Hotel Group, and ENGIE, which is a data-driven energy company.

Majestic Resorts had an expansion plan to become one of the leading hotel chains in the Caribbean. To achieve this, it needed an ERP solution that would allow worldwide operations using central systems. Linke was chosen to help the company to achieve its goal by deploying the ERP solution on AWS in less than four months. Today, Majestic Resorts have centralised their services by integrating their SAP systems on AWS.

A pioneer user of the AWS Connector for SAP was the Barceló Hotel Group. Its main challenges were reducing its SAP database by 2.5TB and improving the speed of their business processes. Linke’s AWS Connector reduced the database to 800GB and improved backup time by 30%.

Linke helped the energy company, ENGIE, to utilize SAP capabilities on the cloud platform by implementing SAP BW/4HANA on AWS. According to Luis Espartosa, the company CIO in Spain, the project took only three and a half months and has contributed a lot of value in terms of cost savings and improved response times.

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Download The Linke AWS Connector for SAP in PDF