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The world has moved to the digital arena and most of our daily lives are affected by e-commerce in one way or another. Non-profit organizations have not been left behind in this and have also migrated more and more to the internet and cloud. This has created a need for niche services which are designed and developed especially for non-profit organizations. Many leading NPO's are using AWS based technology to get their jobs done. 

NPO's often need some assistance in the digital deployment of their services and they look to certified professionals for this actions. Amazon has created the AWS nonprofit competency certification to act as a reassurance to NPO's that the service provider is able to assist them in their specific needs. 

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What does the AWS competency program do?

The AWS competency program was created by Amazon Web Services to evaluate and confirm the skills of service providers who specialize in providing AWS services and application development to nonprofit organizations.

AWS nonprofit competency assures customers of a specific service providers ability to better understand and attend to their unique requirements. The program has made the AWS partner network much more accessible to nonprofit organizations who can really benefit from using cloud platforms for the management of their organizations. 

Linke certification

Linke was recently certified as one of the networks nonprofit competent APN partners. This certification assures customers of their ability to understand, develop and deploy unique solutions aimed at allowing nonprofit organizations to better leverage AWS services.

As certified APN partners, Linke can deliver high quality tailored end to end solutions to non-profit organizations worldwide. 


In the image, the latest partners to get the AWS Nonprofit Competency


Benefits of using cloud computing for nonprofits

Cloud computing offers various benefits that make it much easier for non-profits to leverage the cloud to get the support they need. Such benefits include easier scalability and reduced infrastructure costs. Data is also always securely accessible on multiple platforms via cloud-based servers. These services can allow nonprofits to manage functions such as bookkeeping and fund collections securely and easily. 

The goal of the competency program was to make it easier for nonprofits to leverage these benefits with ease. Driving change and making a difference on a global scale is much easier when you have access to a worldwide audience.

Today the AWS partner network and nonprofits work together to make a measurable impact and difference in a number of areas worldwide. This created the need for a trustworthy way to measure the competence of service providers who offer their services to nonprofits, Amazon Web Services has succeeded in this with the introduction of the various competency programs. 

Using a certified partner for your nonprofit gives you the assurance that your application will be developed speedily and cost-effectively. Implementation and support should also be of a very high standard when using certified partners like Linke. You can read more about migrations from SAP to AWS for NGOs in our success story about OXFAM Intermón.


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