Linke achieves the AWS Migration Competency

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Linke continues its growth by attaining a new Amazon Web Services (AWS) official certification, the Migration Competency by providing fully integrated services to migrate infrastructures to the AWS cloud throughout all project phases. Only in 2018, Linke managed to migrate more than 52 SAP workloads successfully to AWS which highlights the expertise in this particular area. 


About the AWS Competency Program

The AWS Competency program is a partner association, which acknowledges partners who've attained the technical skills and the customer recognition required by AWS cloud services. As part of the Amazon Partners Network (APN), vendors receive public relations, marketing, technical and business support. It also includes competencies for Technology Partners and Consulting Partners.

Competencies include general cloud topics throughout key categories such as government, DevOps, migration, mobile, digital media, security, big data, healthcare, storage, commerce and marketing, and Microsoft, Oracle and SAP workloads. A technology partner attains competencies through the integration of special tools and services with certain applications.

Consulting Partners such as Linke attains competencies by achieving specific customer engagement conditions, as well as having the minimum required number of certified professionals, and a validation from a 3rd party audit firm. Apart from the Migrations Competency, Linke also holds the SAP, DevOps and Public Sector competencies. 


Solutions for every strategy

Companies moving to AWS require tools, expertise, and alignment of their IT and business operations strategies. And with the support of APN Partners, many enterprises can speed up their relocation process. Amazon's Partners accelerate each stage of the relocation with proven expertise, tools, and training. To provide full assistance to customers with continuous support and supervision of workloads, partners either are approved Managed Service Providers or have a connection to a certified Managed Service Provider.


Linke attains a new AWS Competency

Companies around the world are fast-tracking the relocation of workloads to the cloud to achieve higher levels of security, increased performance and reliability and lower costs which can adapt to business demands.

As a member of the APN Partners program, Linke has achieved the Migration Competency status by developing technology and methodologies applicable to migrate entire applications and infrastructures to the cloud. The business incurs minimum disruption to guarantee a smooth transition.



The Cloud relocation services provided by Linke offer full support to organizations looking to move their workloads to the cloud. Linke guarantees a fast relocation procedure so that companies can enjoy the cloud's benefits in terms of scalability and economic infrastructure. Also, by using optimized cloud architectures, Linke improves the reliability of cloud services and automation and can also rebuild applications with cloud technologies including microservices or containers.

“At Linke, we’ve reached AWS Premier Partner level in great measure by migrating SAP workloads to AWS. Our success and track records moving SAP centric enterprise workloads to the cloud reflects our high standards and commitment. ”

-Chabier Sanvicente, Linke CEO

This designation has been proven by successfully delivering over 52 SAP migrations to AWS in 2018 and the management of more than 300 SAP instances. At Linke, we are proud of being part of our customers' success stories throughout the migration of workloads and applications to the cloud environment covering the discovery, planning, migration and operational projects steps.  


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