Linke's integration into Syntax enters final phase


On April 15th we announced that, through an acquisition, Linke was joining forces with Syntax, a Canadian-based multinational company that offers managed cloud solutions for critical applications, with presence in North America, Europe and Asia. In today's post we would like to update you on the final details that will take place in the coming weeks.

Since April 15th, when the acquisition was made public, both Syntax and Linke teams have been working on the integration process in order to maximize common synergies and benefits in order to be able to transfer them to our ecosystem, customers and partners. This process will conclude on November 8th.

During this transition period, we have been operating as Linke, a Syntax company, but, from that moment on, we will fully become Syntax. This will be one of the most visible changes of the integration. We have sought to ensure that there is no impact on our customers and partners, and that the high quality standards of service and support provided by our company are maintained with the same interlocutors. Our expertise and commitment remains the same, but we are now bigger and more capable of taking on global projects to support the expansion of new initiatives around the world

Syntax has already included some of Linke's offerings in its services. The consulting portfolio around the AWS public cloud is expanding with the commercialization of Cloud Migration Services, which will help organizations to create concrete implementation scenarios to develop their cloud strategies, through a three-phase model that complements each other, to facilitate a smooth transition to the cloud, depending on the stage of each organization. 

All steps taken will contribute to fulfill the objectives set: strengthen Syntax's presence in Europe and enhance its AWS Professional Services practice to accompany organizations on their journey to the cloud, as well as allowing Linke to grow and develop faster and to continue to provide solutions to accelerate our customers' cloud strategies around SAP and AWS.

The integration process has only confirmed what we knew: both organizations share a very similar corporate culture and operating model. 

We now begin the final phase of this integration roadmap that will conclude on November 8. We are convinced of the result: a very solid value proposition for both our current and future customers and for our business partners.

More information and Q&A you can follow this link.

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