Linke, platinum sponsor at the AWS Summit Madrid 2019


The AWS Summit Madrid is back for 2019. You should attend to discover how the cloud is helping to accelerate innovation for companies of various sizes and how to transform the benefits of the cloud into new opportunities for your company. At the AWS Summit, you will have the chance to talk to AWS experts, partners and people facing similar challenges.

Various topics will be discussed and new solutions and services will be revealed. This will take place via dedicated sessions from real customer use cases. There will also be technical sessions and demos of the AWS platform. 

Download The Linke AWS Connector for SAP in PDF


Events at the AWS Summit Madrid 2019

At the summit, you will get the chance to take part in business and technical sessions that are organized based on various themes. You will see live demos and real use cases, which will be presented by the clients. 

Join the Linke team in our booth P3 to find out why companies are moving their SAP workloads to the AWS cloud. We'll show you how AWS can help companies become more agile, respond to new business challenges, and be more profitable in infrastructure and operational costs.

Also, find us in the following activities during the event: 

  • 2.10pm at the Partner Theatre where Ricardo Casanovas, co-founder and Linke´s CTO will present AWS for SAP Customers including service benefits, case studies, the SAP S/4 HANA challenge and more. 
  • 3pm along our customer Madrileña Red de Gas that will be talking about Migrating Business-Critical Applications to AWS (SAP/ORCL/MSFT). Do not miss out the opportunity to get to know their experience at first hand. 

There's lots of things to do at the Summit! Know some of the main speakers:

Mai-Lan Tomsen Bukovec

Bukovec, who is the VP and General Manager at Amazon S3, the storage service for Amazon Web Services since 2010 is quite experienced. Before joining Amazon, she was at Microsoft for ten years. She worked on various roles such as the Product unit Manage and spent years in startups at various stages. 

Miguel Álava, Director, AWS

He is the director of Amazon Web Services and has over two decades of experience in IT. For six years at the company, he has led teams in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. His mission is to help companies of various sizes innovate and stimulate their business with the help of cloud computing services. 

Bernardino Beotas

Bernardino Beotas is part of the management team for Verisure Group as well as a director of Securitas Direct Iberia. He is an experienced business developer and offers technical solutions according to the vision and strategy that a company has.

He has played a huge role in helping to digitize Verisure, which has led to improved processes and systems

Joaquin Abril-Martorell

Joaquin has held various positions in CEPSA. He has also previously worked in Control Engineering. He is passionate about the value of tech and people for the creation of value in various companies.

Sergio Caballero

Sergio is the General Director if IT at the City of Alcobendas. He heads the tech strategy for the city and is in charge of implementing a Cloud strategy for the city. He has over two decades of experience in the private and public sector. The city is one of the main municipalities in Spain with over 110,000 residents.

Linke, Platinum Sponsors at the AWS Summit Madrid 

Linke will be a platinum sponsor at the event. Come and meet us at P3 booth, we will gladly share our experience regarding SAP on AWS. Also, you'll be able to know the unique products created to run SAP on AWS


Besides that, you'll find a demo of our garden managed by a robot with IoT. You'll be able to find out how we obtain and exploit the information about the harvest it provides us using BigData and Analytics technologies. Can't wait to show it to you!


Anyone seeking to expand their knowledge on cloud computing should definitely attend the summit and interact with as many experts as possible. Are you coming?


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Download Key Steps to Adopt DevOps on a Cloud-Native Company in PDF
Download The Linke AWS Connector for SAP in PDF