Which are the main Devops Monitoring Tools?


People who need to monitor their systems when they use DevOps methodology will find a number of useful DevOps monitoring tools to help make the process easier. With so many different types of monitoring tools available to choose from, it can be tricky to know which ones to opt for. Here are some of the top monitoring tools that are available to use. 

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Infrastructure Monitoring

This is an essential task, as it allows users to visualise various types of events as well as receive alerts in real time. Nagios is a good option for this task as it is open source and used by a large number of people around the world. Zabbix is a comparable tool that is also commonly used.

However, people who are searching for a tool that is able to handle the rapidly changing environment of this field should choose more modern tools such as Prometheus by SoundCloud, New Relic Infrastructure and Sensu. All of these tools are available as open source and are able to monitor compute resources, network, storage and measure inventory usage.


Application Performance Monitoring

These types of tools have been specially created to make it possible for users to target bottlenecks through the framework of their application. The current market leader in terms of APM tools is New Relic, as it allows users to precisely pinpoint when and where bottlenecks occur. AppDynamics is another great option for those who are looking for a way to monitor applications such as Java, PHP and .NET. 


Big Panda

This is one of the most popular and widely used DevOps monitoring tools among large enterprises as it comes with a number of specially tailored features. This versatile tool is extremely powerful and excels when it comes to monitoring platform data aggregation and cross analysis, while it also offers deeper integration points than many of the other options.

Big Panda has a solid reputation for unifying an impressive number of different systems that are located within a single organisation and the tool can be displayed on a single large screen so that DevOps can easily view alerts that pop up from all systems.



Users of multiple systems will also find that PagerDuty is a good solution. This modern and all encompassing tool paves the way for the management of on call management as well as alerts. PagerDuty is a commercial tool that is especially known for providing a modernised user experience with impressive UIs and system alerts that highlight correlations between various types of events.

Due to the pressures of continuous delivery, integration and deployment, it is essential now more than ever for application providers to monitor their environment. DevOps need to be able to offer and execute extremely rapid service delivery.

People who are uncertain of which tools best suit their needs would be well advised to take the time to put the various options through their paces and observe the results carefully so that they can find the perfect solution that will enhance their enterprise.


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