MRG case study: Amazon Connect as their new cloud-based contact center

cloud contact centerAs digital transformation becomes one of the main goals for companies worldwide, many platforms are taking advantage due to all its benefits on cloud computing. Cloud migration projects are helping businesses to assure high performance levels and costs reductions, while gaining in operational efficiency

At Linke we are proud to present our latest case study with Madrileña Red de Gas and the implementation of Amazon Connect as their new cloud-based contact center. Read the whole article to know all about this success story.


Madrileña Red de Gas (MRG) is among the top gas suppliers in Spain, supplying more than 60 municipalities and almost 1,000,000 customers. After a long time facing IT-related challenges they decided to achieve a higher level of innovation and transformation by enhancing all the power of the cloud for their data centers, including their critical SAP systems. Now that they are experiencing the success of using AWS infrastructure, they are starting to innove using other services such as Amazon Connect for their contact centers. 

What led to their data center cloud migration?

A series of challenges contributed to their migration, it is very common for companies to rely on outsourced IT services with them aiming to face high demand peaks. Whereas some challenges are inevitable, the actual context of innovation leads companies to renegotiating all the terms and this was the case with MRG.

Amazon Connect, an all-in-one cloud-based contact center was the solution for MRG. Linke was chosen as technical expert, thanks to their specialization on AWS services and SAP systems migrations to the cloud. 

A new cloud-based strategy

To give way to this new strategy, MRG has assumed a change in its management role in customer service, moving from supervisor for an outsourced contract, to the service facilitator. This change means considerable cost savings and a more involved company, which now controls the contact center at all times, having online solutions and a real and historical time in the relationship with customers and suppliers.

This model also allows the management of reliable data and metrics, useful to measure the efficiency of the service provided and to undertake an analysis of the same in search of business conclusions. Under the guidance of Linke's experts in AWS and SAP, MRG completed a 90% cloud migration in two months.

This process helped MRG to work on their defined KPI's and the analysis of quality service, while diversifying on vendors for a more competitive environment. 

Advantages of digitizing the client experience

Among all the benefits of Amazon Connect, MRG now enjoys more flexibility and agility in managing and configuring the contact center:

  • Fast deployment: Not only is Amazon Connect simple to set up but also to use. It also increases the speed of innovation, it has made it easier for IT infrastructure to adapt to changes in an easier way thus also improving responsiveness.
  • Cost-effective. With Amazon Connect there are no recurrent costs associated with improving the systems thus allowing companies to save. Also with Amazon Connect you only pay for what you use and there are no minimum monthly fees or long-term commitments.
  • Scalability to meet unpredictable demand. To meet the unpredictable demand is the flexibility of Amazon Connect that can either scale up or down to any size. Also, you can engage with your customers from anywhere and this has led to better business performance.

Continuous innovation for the future

The implementation of an omnicanal and intuitive cloud contact center brings almost instantaneous advantages: greater agility in processes, service diversification, improved performance and quality of customer service.

Another plus of this project is that it constitutes a cloud solution that allows, powers and vehicles teleworking and that will improve productivity in times of crisis such as those we are experiencing, allowing us to cover the service effectively and with maximum guarantees.

Amazon Connect is the service that will revolutionize your contact center. We invite you to know all about this success story:

Read MRG's Success Story


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