Madrileña Red de Gas migrates to the cloud with AWS and Linke


One of the most relevant gas suppliers in Spain, Madrileña Red de Gas (MRG) decided to solve some of their IT-related challenges by opting for the migration of their entire data centre to the cloud in 2018. 

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Challenges that led to the migration to a public cloud

As with many companies that outsource their IT services with the aim of not having to deal with all the technicalities, some challenges are inevitable. For example, with every innovation that arises in the industry, companies have to renegotiate all the terms for an improved system as so was the case with MRG and their IT partner. 

This consequently means a lot of recurrent costs on infrastructure. In search of an all in one solution in the cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS) became the go-to option for MRG. Moreover, a specialist in SAP cloud, Linke, was the chosen option given that highly technical SAP systems entirely managed the business.


Finding the solution: AWS with Linke

In two months, MRG was able to complete a 90% migration to the cloud under guidance from the new partnership. After the migration, it was necessary to set a time to stabilize all systems, given that not all original architecture was viable to be implemented in cloud. 

As a result from this complex move, MRG advices to other companies the following premises in order to avoid possible complications: 

  • Pay close attention to the dating of their systems, which is, documenting their files to make sure that they are up to date.
  • Companies also need to prevent delay by coordinating their departments and check their systems to know which can handle the migration to a public cloud before any hitches are caused.
  • After the move, a system audit should be done to make sure that everything is efficiently working.


Advantages of moving to the cloud with AWS and Linke

A great benefit being enjoyed by the MRG's decision to move to AWS is that their IT infrastructure now quickly adapts to changes and responsiveness has highly improved. The advantages are even more given that with SLA models that focus more on user experience, the business performance is also becoming better.


Eye on the future

A move to a public-cloud promises more effective scalability options, the responsiveness of the systems and flexibility of the same. All these come with the much lower cost given that the repetitive costs on infrastructure have now been done away with. 

With a SAP cloud consultant such as Linke, infrastructure can be improved upon with time, allowing for the ease of movement to a reservation model that comes with the cloud platform. As with MRG, its continual working with AWS helps in the achievement of simplicity. More so, there is a lot of room for diversification as the public-cloud will make it possible for the company to tag in projects that incorporate current technologies such as Machine Learning, Internet of Things, among others.



Any company that seeks to maintain its relevance in their industry as well as have a better competitive edge should consider migrating to the cloud. As outlined in the benefits, the flexibility that comes with such a move is not only cost effective but also helps save a lot of time and in between processes that can be done away with are eliminated.


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