Do you still need Chef in the world of containers?


Chef Automate has been making life easier for people who have to manage multiple nodes for a while now. Chef software has proven itself to be a reliable and useful tool when it comes to managing larger networks using AWS OpsWorks. Although the world of containers has become highly competitive Chef software is still a great choice for automation of your maintenance tasks

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What exactly is Chef?

Chef is a software suite that allows network administrators to manage maintenance and security tasks on various nodes from one single location. Chef automate allows network administrators to perform their tasks effectively and quickly on a secure platform.

The software can be combined with several other modules such as Inspec which ensures that the safety and security of the network are enforced. Using chef on AWS makes it much easier to manage multiple nodes in a secure and productive environment. 

AWS Opsworks

AWS Opsworks is a configuration management service that hosts Chef on the AWS network. Opsworks makes managing your server much easier and protects the safety and security of your cloud-based server. Via the software, you can access all the Chef automate tools and services.

OpsWorks is the cornerstone of the Chef management system and combines all the services into one easy to use platform. 


Possibly the easiest way to manage the security and safety of your nodes and server. The software automatically enforces security rules on the network an also performs several auditing functions to ensure that all rules are enforced on every node.

The system makes keeping your network safe much easier and adds a welcome layer of additional security to Amazon Web Services. The main criticism against using cloud technology has always been the safety of data, InSpec goes a long way to ensure that your data is safer. 

Chef still has a place in the world of containers

Despite the increase of applications that provide the same functionality as Chef does, it still has a firm place in the market. Chef is the trusted solution when it comes to managing nodes on a cloud-based server.

With the addition of various other applications that aid in the automation of tasks and auditing of security protocols, the software is a formidable tool in network administration. Because Chef is the original management application it has the trust of AWS users which gives it the clout it needs to stay relevant and on top. 


The digital world is evolving rapidly and we are seeing daily changes in the way things are done. A few years ago the concept of cloud computing would have been considered an outlandish idea, today the cloud movement is gaining significant momentum. Applications and software suites like Chef are needed to keep track of the nodes on an ever-expanding network since the risk of hacking will always be present the need for a secure management console will also be ever-present.


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