New Amazon Alexa Skill: SM Educamos introduces voice assistance at school


The main priority for SM, an educational entity, has always been the generation of integrated solutions for the education ecosystem. With the firm intention of continuing this work and adapting to current times, SM has developed an innovative skill for the virtual voice assistant, Amazon Alexa. It can be used by Echo devices, it is totally free and is available to more than one million users linked to SM Educamos community.

SM, Amazon Alexa and Linke united to involve families with the school

SM Educamos is a digital educational ecosystem that is being installed in more than 1,200 schools throughout Spain. The purpose is to improve and modernize the communication that must exist with the school and thus be able to strengthen the bond of the entire academic community.

SM Educamos has, as its fundamental goal, the accompaniment of the school in its own process of transformation. This development contributes with its vast educational experience of more than 80 years, to help institutions and teachers to recognize their needs and improve their capacities. All of this is achieved through a technological environment that has a high level of innovation and the latest digital developments.

The interface allows communication between teachers, students and family and, at the same time, it empowers and integrates SM's value propositions (projects, resources, educational solutions, digital providers, etc.).

Everything the SM Educamos skill can offer

SM believes that digital innovation is the key to improving and maintaining school quality over time. For this reason, it values the use of artificial intelligence as a tool to access SM Educamos functionalities and information, using voice commands. This, without a doubt, is very helpful for all families who, due to lack of time and other difficulties, find it hard to keep track of their children's day-to-day life at school.

SM relied on the support and expertise of Linke, AWS Premier Partner, to develop the SM Educamos skill and has also collaborated with Amazon Spain in its distribution and maintenance. The skill, developed for Alexa, Amazon's virtual voice assistant, offers a variety of options and educational content. Thus, families have now access to relevant information about their children's academic life, such as homework, exams, grades and even the option of receiving school news and notifications.

Magí Almirall, SM's corporate digital business director, believes that the launch of this technological tool is part of the company's commitment to support the school in its transformation process. He affirms that it is necessary to link the digital culture and new tools with students and teachers. He points out that the skill for Amazon Alexa will allow family members to access the SM application in a more natural and simple way. 

Evolving the skill for wider options

What's more, this skill will develop over the time in order to offer new features for the parents. In the same way, one of the main objectives is to develop as much as possible a natural and close digital interface so that voice access is present in the entire school and family life. 

At Linke we are proud to support this project of digital innovation with our technical expertise providing consulting services and development of all the functionalities of this Alexa skill. In words of Julia Molano, SM's Technological Product Coordinator, "their role and experience in skills development have been fundamental in a project in which we had to build from scratch, since designing and developing for voice was something totally new".

We invite you to learn more about this technology by reading  this post by María Ángeles Izquierdo,  cloud and virtual voice assistants specialist.



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