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New region available now

AWS has announced that its new region – AWS EU Paris – is now accessible to customers. This region contains three Availability Zones and allows customers in France and surrounding areas to enjoy better access to Amazon Web Services. The addition of the Paris region brings the total European regions to four, with a fifth already planned in Sweden.

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What are regions?

Regions are physical locations which contain multiple Availability Zones anchored by data centres. They are distinct, isolated and have support infrastructure completely independent from other regions, allowing for improved data integrity. Allocating resources to particular regions allows you to maximise efficiency and speed when addressing the needs of a particular end user. While the Availability Zones located within regions are isolated to a degree, they are also connected by low-latency private network links to allow for better redundancy.

Unsure which regions and Accessibility Zones that are available for your account? Check via the EC2 Dashboard or use the command line to directly access the regions and Accessibility Zones associated with your account.

Region details

The new AWS EU Paris Region supports the following virtual server instances: C5, D2, I3, M5, R4, T2 and X1. The list of services available in the region is too extensive to list, but it includes both core and advanced technologies. A complete breakdown of all services available in the new region can be found here.

When fully operational, the region will contain three data centres. Currently, customers can take advantage of Direct Connect via the Telehouse Voltaire data centre. Early 2018 will see the addition of Direct Connect at Equinox Paris and, finally, Interxion Paris.

Cloud computing in France

The addition of a French region represents a trend of continued investment by Amazon in France, where cloud services have seen broad adoption across government, not-for-profit and private organisations. Amazon has announced that a number of high-profile clients – including AlloResto, Radio France, SNCF and Societe Generale – are already preparing to use the new region to meet their cloud computing needs.

Speaking about the announcement, Éric Bothorel, member of the National Assembly’s Economic Affairs Committee, commended Amazon on its choice of location: "[the digital revolution] represents a tremendous growth opportunity for the French economy. The cloud is an essential tool for ensuring the development of this new economy and the digital transformation of businesses. It’s also an important generator of jobs, and we are delighted to see that AWS is a key element."

In addition to the new region, Amazon announced plans to train 25,000 people in France in cloud computing skills to help them meet the growing demand for these competencies. This training will be available for free and delivered through existing Amazon programs, such as AWSome days and webinars. To keep track of upcoming French training events or locate a user group near you, visit

What’s next

AWS EU Paris is accessible to customers now, and there are no signs that Amazon is slowing down when it comes to adding more ways to access its services. Next on the horizon is the addition of regions in Bahrain, Sweden, Hong Kong SAR and an additional GovCloud region in the U.S.

Continue reading this blog for all the latest information on new regions as it becomes available.

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