Why is the demand for cloud services growing rapidly?

Before the pandemic, cloud computing model was already experiencing significant growth, but the coronavirus crisis has finally positioned cloud services, providers and integrators and companies’ IT organisations as high-value elements for achieving resilience and guaranteeing business continuity.

This is one of the conclusions of the recent report about cloud services in Spain, by the market research firm Penteo, whose experts predict that the adoption of this technology will accelerate over the next five years. 

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A brief introduction into FinOps

Companies that have already moved to the cloud want to achieve the full benefits of cloud computing, which is not possible without an understanding of costs that can only be achieved through the application of standardised processes and best practices known as FinOps. Linke has always considered it an area that those moving to the cloud should be aware of.

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RISE with SAP: what it is and the impact for customers

Last week, SAP made headlines with the announcement of 'RISE with SAP', a strong commitment by the company to innovate by opening a new scenario for its customers to address business transformation as a service. Without a doubt, this is a new twist that includes all the necessary components to make a complete change in their business processes, in line with the current challenges of organisations. But innovation implies many changes that we at Linke, as a benchmark in cloud and SAP environments, have analysed.

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Keys to natively integrate SAP systems on AWS

Today, with cloud computing becoming the basis for driving digital transformation and present in most organisations, the natural next step is to integrate corporate business processes as natively as possible with cloud services to get the most out of the union of both environments.

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Keys to reducing costs and optimising SAP workloads in AWS

More and more organisations using SAP systems are migrating their environments to the cloud and many of them are opting for Amazon Web Services (AWS), the market's leading public cloud platform and the first of its kind to support SAP solutions.

Since 2012, this organisation has not stopped looking for ways to reduce costs and improve both the availability and performance of SAP customers. The latest of its announcements in this regard concentrates a series of new features that we at Linke, a reference in both environments, consider to have a very positive impact. Keep on reading to know more about all these new features and its advantages.

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Cloud cybersecurity, a business priority in 2021

Numerous reports from cybersecurity specialists confirm the need to protect business infrastructures and systems in the face of an increasingly complex threat scenario. In order not to get lost in a marabout of figures and statistics, let's keep a few: worldwide, cybercrime causes losses to businesses of more than $1 trillion a year, compared to $600 billion in 2018, and this amount could rise to $10.5 trillion by 2025.

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