Linke as an AWS award-winner: High quality cloud migration projects

Linke has just received the APN Migration Partner of the Year award in Spain for its leadership on ERP management system migration projects to its AWS platform and the high quality results obtained by its clients. This is one of the most important awards achieved in the company, and it confirms the experience and capacity of our team in the execution of cloud migration initiatives.

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Amazon Connect: all the benefits of integrating a cloud based contact center

Every day companies are open to many call centre solutions to choose from when creating or migrating their current contact centre. One of the most recent solutions is Amazon Connect, an AWS service, but what can Amazon Connect provide that other solutions do not?

On today's article we will deepen at the benefits of integrating Amazon Connect service as a contact centre for your company. Javier Mora Díaz, Software Engineer and AWS Certified Alexa skill Builder, tells us more about it.

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Committed to innovation: Linke is now a SAP Gold Partner

With ten years working hand by hand with worldwide companies, Linke has achieved a new badge in the SAP Partners Program, the higher scale among the partners rank: SAP Gold Partner. This certification validate us as an innovative company with solutions and products adapted to every business need.

The Gold certification of the partners within the SAP PartnerEdge Program is granted to companies with extensive experience and a high level of performance during the delivery of SAP solutions to medium and large companies. 

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Well-architected cloud infrastructure: main recommendations

As we have explained in previous articles, the AWS Well-Architected Framework allows us to design optimal infrastructures, focused on high performance. In fact, many companies already implement these best practices for their cloud-based systems and workloads.

However, it is common for questions about risk mitigation guidelines to arise before or during the architecture analysis. Or also related to session requirements or additional requirements.

So, how do we achieve the development of an appropriate cloud architecture? In today's post we solve the most frequently asked questions and give you some recommendations to run your Well-Architected Analysis in a smooth way.

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Enhancing Digital Services with AWS Public Cloud: a Case for FAIN

FAIN is a Spanish elevator company that has built a reputation around quality and innovation. It has over 1,500 lifting devices to its name and a further 48,000 that it maintains. The company always looks for avenues to improve the quality of its products and services. José Antonio Sánchez Martín, the CIO of FAIN, knows that technology, coupled with people, is the company's differential value and enables the company to guarantee the quality of the services.

At Linke we are proud to be part of this challenge of innovation and digitization, which has been possible thanks to all the power of Amazon Web Services cloud. Continue reading to know more about this new case study.

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How to optimize your cloud infrastructure with the AWS Well Architected Framework

A fundamental aspect of all cloud deployments is a good cloud architecture. This not only ensures greater agility but also the security needed to run business-critical applications and workloads. 

As we mentioned in previous articles, AWS has well-designed parameters of a good architecture to ensure the flexibility and high availability that characterizes it. 

Now, in this interesting article written by Josep Aguilera, our Linke AWS WAR certified Architect, we will see in detail all the benefits of applying a Well Architected Framework to your cloud infrastructure. 

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