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129813767_mIn order to deal with the disruptive context caused by the sanitary emergency, solutions are needed to enable companies to give continuity to their business. Dealing with the day-to-day challenges is possible if we choose the right tools in order to adapt them to the needs of each company and client.

One of the greatest allies for carrying out these tasks is undoubtedly cloud computing, thanks to its advantages, it enables teams with flexible and easily accessible tools. Therefore, we want to talk about some of Amazon Web Services' products that will enable your company have a 100% digital, efficient and secure remote workspace environment

Adopting a 'virtual office' model 

Given the current context, remote working is positioned as the most secure form of interaction between clients and companies. In those companies where this model was already used it may be a little easier to adapt to the day-to-day. However, it is true that for many other work teams this model is being new and requires intelligent applications, simple to manage and quick to implement.

For this reason, cloud-based solutions are helping many companies to set up this new working approach. At Linke we have been using this model since we started few years ago, so we understand what is needed and how to be applied in order to achieve a virtual work infrastructure that ensures the service and data availability, while balancing the tasks of each department

1. Enabling Remote Desktops

Working from anywhere in the world is easier with Amazon Workspaces remote desktops. One of its advantages is that organization's applications can be accessed from anywhere in the world. In addition, it is designed to be able to work from different devices, from our computer, web browser, to a tablet (iOS/Android) quickly and on demand.

In a matter of hours, companies can have safe and controlled 'workspaces'. In addition to that, between April 1st and June 30th, AWS has made available the option to install up to 50 free Amazon Workspaces users available to its customers.

2. Setting up VPNs

Some companies do not have the infrastructure in place to allow all their staff to work remotely and this saturates their ability to operate. To ensure that all computers have access, it is necessary to set up the network on which these solutions are running.

How can this be achieved? Through VPN configuration. The AWS cloud makes it easy to deploy the VPN infrastructure in hours and across multiple zones of availability which ensures the continuity of all business processes.

AWS has different solutions to deploy VPN clients (pritunl, openVPN) over the cloud infrastructure. One of them is the AWS VPN Client, which we will explain below:

AWS Client VPN

The elasticity of this service allows that the configuration of connections can be increased or decreased according to the business needs. As mentioned by Amazon Web Services: The VPN Client is useful for managing VPN connections between employees working from home and the corporate headquarters. Some benefits are:

  • It automatically scales: according to the demand, will the connections be established.
  • Fast access to all connected cloud solutions.
  • Apply security permissions according to users and groups.
3. Video callings and online meetings

Keeping in contact with the team, customers and suppliers becomes easier with Amazon Chime as it allows you to chat and make video calls with a screen sharing capability. On the other hand, migrating telephone workloads and implementing Amazon Chime is quite simple.

In addition, and related to costs savings, it also offers the pay-per-use model, which means that the company will only pay for the days when this service is in operation. A free tier is available which could be sufficient for the required functions of your organization.

4. Virtual Call Center Deployment

At this moment, customer service is crucial. In order to ensure a quick response to every customer query, Amazon Connect integrates technologies such as automation, chatbot or virtual voice assistants to expand the capacity of a call center, by being able to redirect calls to be more efficient.

The best part of Amazon Connect is the user-friendly interface that can be adapted to any device and CRM. Each user is able to visualize metrics and give a much more personalized service.

5. Controled and secured access with Session Manager

Manage instances and virtual machines securely and control the access of other users or groups to those instances. For end users, Session Manager is a way of connecting to servers without the need to install additional applications, simply by accessing the AWS console.

In summary, we have just summarize some of the main key features AWS can offer to work remotely in a secure, cost effective and quick installation way, with the aim to help companies continue with their business goals. With more connected work teams it will be easy to carry out all tasks in an agile and efficient way.

Do you need support installing any of these AWS Services?

Our experts can advise you on the best way to implement these solutions and how to reduce cloud infrastructure costs.

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