Role of CIO in Proper IT management during crisis: Main learnings

74646521_mThe concern over the impact and scale of coronavirus pandemic is increasingly growing, making many organisations to reconsider their response as well as the actions they need to undertake to sustain their organisations. As a result, the CIO has crucial roles in ensuring that a company runs as Covid 19 containment measures are executed.

And all this learnings not only apply to this crisis but for further situations that require quick actions and secure tools to ensure a correct data management and work team planning. Let's take a further look into the pivotal actions, initiatives and main learnings during the actual context and beyond.

It is Possible for Employees to Work Remotely

Desperate times call for drastic measures. Thus, CIO needs to follow the current digital transformation happening across all corners of the world by enacting measures that allow employees to work from home remotely and flexibly. 

Coronavirus has steered an era where non-IT organisations can work remotely. However, remote working demands a review of acceptable use of software, security/IT policies, connectivity and network management. Monitoring the productivity of employees is a major concern for all companies, and the combination of tools and processes needs to be addressed without privacy infringement.

Cloud computing tools and projects needed to be re-evaluated

When it comes to cloud computing services, there may be some extra necessities that require you to improve the available cloud computing power, and it may need some additional funds. Other services, on the other hand, may require reduced demand. Ask yourself whether you can manage the cloud-based services demands and monitor the resource allocation effectively. Also, check whether you’ve arrangements in place to sustain extra costs that may come along the way when provisioning or scaling the cloud services.

Digital Workplaces as a "must" 

As the spread of the coronavirus continues, most governments are advising people to avoid huge social gatherings, unnecessary movements and maintain social distance when in public. As a CIO, you can utilise the following tips to make sure that employees are productive while working from home.

Companies may need to introduce digital transformation by scaling technology capabilities quickly. The use of collaboration tools, messaging, document sharing and videoconferencing are some of the technological upgrades that you need to introduce into your organisation. Chief information officers may also need to increase network capacity and bandwidth.

Time for Training and Reskilling

In the end, workforce make all these actions possible and according to all the changes, employees will need rapid training and reskilling capabilities. They’ll need a robust LMS (Learning management system) system with rapid data management, authorisations, as well as support for mobile applications, for example. 

It would be advisable for the CIOs to be part and parcel of a tactical think tank and follow these steps appropriately and get the needed company support. As you prepare for post coronavirus era, you need to act now by adopting digital transformation strategies in your company for a sustainable future.

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