SAP Analytics in the Enterprise



The SAP Analytics portfolio is even better now thanks to recent upgrades that make it even easier for corporate users (of all sizes and descriptions) to stay abreast of all their analytics and carry–out their business planning in the mobile and cloud centric digital age.

Among the new functions is advanced machine learning which interprets large pools of data in ways that help users identify new areas of opportunity for their businesses and deliver greater value to their customers and investors. What's more, SAP has plans to facilitate interaction with organizational data using their own proprietary hub Digital Boardroom as well as Surface from Microsoft.
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Literally Thousands of Predictive Models

Analytics are only useful if they're predictive. With SAP, users are able to create and execute literally thousands of predictive models that accurately simulate future behavior and results.

Being able to use current data to forecast the future gives businesses and entrepreneurs the ability to steer their organizations into more profitable waters with better, more well-informed decision making. 


SAP  DevOps

Here are just a few of the innovations in predictive analytics that SAP DevOps have in store:

  • Predictive factory functionality
  • An app for fraud management that integrates seamlessly with predictive models created and deployed using the SAP BusinessObjects Predictive Analytics integrator
  • Synamic scoring support for UDFs (User Defined Functions) for the state-of-the-art SAP HANA platform


Continuous accounting has arrived with the newest Iteration of SAP HANA

SAP HANA is an advanced in-memory platform that works together with the app porting software SAP Fiori. It is a complete suite for digital enterprise resource management,and works with the cloud and on premise.

With the release of the latest version SAP S/4HANA, users can access data live in real-time and make consolidations on the fly. As such, they do not have to rely on third party planning and consolidation tools. Eliminating the need for replication of data (account numbers, company codes, etc) by having it shared instantly across the company's entire financial department helps save time and money.

Better still, a "soft close" can be carried out at any time, allowing users to analyze the accurate picture of finances and make decisions without having to wait until the end of a reporting period.

About SAP

SAP is a publicly traded B2B software provider (NYSE: SAP) that's helping companies and organizations of all descriptions streamline their operations with cutting–edge enterprise apps.

SAP applications have helped more than 300,000 businesses improve their operations by making it easier for people within the organization (and customers) to collaborate and share business insight. 


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