SAP Build to Design and Prototype Apps


SAP Build is a complete collection of cloud-based tools meant to help companies in designing app prototypes desirable for end users. These cloud-based tools will help you to:

  • Collaboratively design prototypes
  • Initiate development through generated U15 code that you can import into the SAP WebIDE
  • Upload idea sketches that will help you to easily build low-fidelity interactive prototypes that are useful for getting feedback from your clients
  • Work together with your project team
  • Create a customised prototype gallery. You can easily do this using SAP’s Flori-inspired examples for inspiration.
  • Create high-fidelity prototypes using drag-and-drop controls, real sample data or Flori floor plans
  • Collect feedback from your end users; you can achieve this by taking remote, unmoderated studies of your users through a hyperlink
  • Get to know your user centered design and design-thinking

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How to Buy Build

You will find Build as part of each HANA Cloud Platform enterprise package, Flori Cloud edition premium and standard packages. These include:
  • SAP Fiori Cloud Service Standard
  • SAP Flori Cloud Service Premium
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform Apps Service Standard
  • SAP HANA Cloud Platform Apps Service Enterprise

SAP BUILD gives you the chance to effortlessly and realistically build your expected business app prototype. You can then proceed to present this mock-up to decision makers or expected end-users.

This tool will not only help you convince your colleagues about your idea, but it also allows you to collect short-term feedback as well as test results. It is the easiest way to have a better interactive look at your business application.


Advantages of These Mock-Ups

They enable you to come up with a quick visible solution, and you can use this to determine the requirements you need. This, in turn, improves the end product. Using a prototype can help you avoid reworks and thus, minimise costs.


Prototype Design Tools

Most of these online prototype tools are easily available on the market, including Axure PR Pro, and InVision. These will help you come up with prototypes that resemble the end product.

Since all these tools are able to distinguish themselves, it is not possible to decide which prototype tool is better than the other. The only thing that distinguishes them is the fact that one prototype tool is great for building mobile apps while the other is better in creating desktop apps.


Possibilities Offered by SAP

SAP BUILD will give you similar capabilities as any other mock-up tools out there. The beauty behind it is that even business analysts can easily create an app in their user-friendly interface. This can be achieved by simply pushing a button to get a preview that works just like the real app. What sets it apart is:

  • It is tailored completely to SAPUI5/Flori
  • You can easily move the app to U15 code
  • It comes with the ability to get data from Excel
  • You can easily create research studies and surveys

SAP has done a great job in creating BUILD, which is a great design tool that helps in developing SAPU15 or SAP Fiori apps that can be customised. Its research functionality is a great way of gathering input and feedback from end users, while its exporting code and functions data modelling help save time. This is definitely good news for organisations and app developers as it will make their work easier and help them save money.


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