Emory for SAP HANA, ASE and Oracle database backups on AWS cloud

35141127_mAt Linke we  constantly work to offer the best cloud-based solutions in order to guarantee that all the critical data of your company is always available. One of our solutions developed for SAP systems and workloads is Emory Cloud Backup.

As explained on previous posts, Emory Cloud Backup allows companies to simplify their backup solution by integrating SAP HANA and SAP ASE (Sybase) databases with Amazon S3 Cloud Services. In addition, Linke has obtained the certification for Emory in order to also support Oracle databases.

Therefore, we have organized a new webinar where you can learn about the benefits and features of this solution. We invite you to read on to find out more about Emory Cloud Backup updates.

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Simplifying backups

Emory Cloud Backup is our SAP backint agent to deploy to SAP HANA, Oracle and SAP ASE (Sybase) database servers.

As a SAP Certified solution, Emory helps SAP workload backups to get stored into AWS cloud by supporting single and multi-node (scale-out). 

Emory can also implement the SAP Backint interface for SAP ASE (Sybase) databases, allowing them to be restored directly to Amazon S3 with double the speed and without the need to copy them to EBS.

And, to add more power to this solution, SAP has certified Emory for Oracle 1.0 and Oracle 19.0 database compliant product. This means that all Emory-based backups run seamlessly with the Oracle service. 




And what does it means to be certified with SAP Netweaver?  The integration with SAP Netweaver accredits Emory Cloud Backup as an integral solution from which the backups of all the databases deployed in AWS can be carried out and managed.

Furthermore, given the nature of SAP Netweaver, it provides greater interoperability and flexibility while working with this product. 

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Free trials of Emory Cloud Backup can be found on the product's website as well as purchased through the SAP App Centre or the AWS Marketplace:

  • AWS Marketplace: here you will be able to find important information like pricing and usage. Also you can benefit from a Linke's expert support and purchase directly the solution.
  • AWS Consulting Solution´s Page: request the service and learn more about how Emory works for your SAP HANA, Oracle and SAP ASE database backups with a series of workshops led by Linke's experts.
  • Linke webpage find out more about key features and benefits and access to our free trials.
  • SAP App Centre: find out free trials or purchase the solution directly it all SAP security process.

As you can see, Emory interacts with SAP on AWS environment, ensuring that all operations are conducted via a safe network, encrypting backups both in transit and in storage, thus ensuring those backups are provided with high capacity, reliability, and scalability at low cost.

Benefits of Linke's Emory Cloud Backup

Emory Cloud Backup is and integrated solution that supports SAP databases in AWS ( HANA, ASE and Oracle). By centralising the management of backups, savings are made on internal technical development and no additional costs are incurred, as all SAP needs are covered. Some of the main benefits are:

1. Fast

Customers will benefit from a fast, reliable and safe connection, approximately 1 TB of data each 25 minutes. This allows to execute database backups rapidly and safely and minimize RTO (recovery time target).

2. Efficiency

No middleware infrastructure is needed. Customers can benefit from AWS' life-cycle policies by saving their backups on the Amazon S3 storage class required.

3. Privacy and safety

Data protection guarantees you a stable, safe platform (taking into account all the benefits of AWS cloud) thanks to  Amazon S3 features: IAM encryption, reliability and up to 25Gbps of data transfer speed.


Do you want to know more about this solution? Don't forget to watch our webinar on demand. Together with Guillermo Torres (Solution Architect and SAP Expert) and Iñaki Guinea (Emory Cloud Backup Product Owner) will explain how to manage SAP and AWS backups.

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