SAP is a leading data integration tool according to Gartner

Gartner is a well know and renowned worldwide research and consulting agency that focusses on the assessment of the viability of new technology and businesses. The company has developed a system known as the "Gartner magic quadrant" which assesses the performance of companies and their products. Companies who perform well in this assessment is considered to be leaders in their respective industries making it a very prestigious award indeed. 

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What does the Gartner magic quadrant assess?

A Gartner quadrant assesses four different aspects of a business. This information is represented graphically in four quadrants, which is where the name comes from. The four aspects which are usually assessed is leadership, vision, niche players and challengers. By combining the information received from these four assessment aspects, investors can make educated decisions about which companies they would like to invest in. 

Companies who score well in a Gartner magic quadrant are generally considered to be good investment opportunities. SAP is recognised by Gartner as a leading data integration tool, this recognition makes SAP an excellent investment opportunity for investors. 

Why has SAP scored so well in the Gartner magic quadrant?

The company scored so well because of its dedication to the continued development of its range of data integration tools. The suite of software on offer aids companies to optimize their business processes by offering powerful data analytics and efficient reporting of analyzed data. The software is considered one of the best enterprise information management systems available in the marketplace today. 

The acknowledgement of SAP-software as a leading global analytics company strengthens the companies position as one of the foremost data integration tools available to customers today. Years of development and research has led to the creation of software that accurately reports on the performance of various aspects of the businesses performance allowing for changes to be made when and where required. 

How can SAP-software optimize business processes?

SAP-software has extensive data analysis and reporting functions built in. These functions allow decision makers access to critical data with a few clicks of the mouse. Information is power and having access to information at your fingertips allows for informed decisions to be made quickly.
Key people in businesses can also react quickly to changes in the marketplace if they have access to the advanced reporting features offered by advanced analytics software. These features and functions allow business to optimize business processes and generate higher bottom line figures. 

How does SAP-software plan to stay on top?

SAP-software has indicated that they aim to continuously develop highly researched and effective products that aid businesses in the realization of profits.
Data integration tools are essential to successful business ventures and will be around for a long time to come. As the Gartner magic quadrant results have shown, SAP-software remains an excellent investment opportunity for investors worldwide.
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