SAP Leonardo, a digital innovation for telcos


SAP has come up with a fast digital innovation for telcos which involves much lesser risk. SAP Leonardo enables organizations to execute cutting edge organization procedures to recognize margin risk over their activities, pick up knowledge into clients, products, and resource productivity, and anticipate results based on organization-particular data.

It has been termed as an approach, instead of a software or product. Design thinking, an agile SDLC way, is truly at it's core. SAP says it aims at day-to-day use cases with around 75 percent fit. This announcement was made at Mobile World Congress (MWC) that was held from February 26 to March 1, 2018 in Barcelona.

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Latest technology for telcos

SAP Leonardo offers a quick path to digital development by joining industry-leading cloud applications, profound mastery in business processes and the most creative new advances, for example, analytics, IoT and machine learning.

It along with IoT accelerator gives fixed-rate software and services packs to tackle specific use cases by combining SAP software and design thinking approach. A new slogan outlines their new agenda: Intelligently connecting People, Things, and Businesses.

Mala Anand, the president of SAP Leonardo said that drawing on SAP's industry skillfulness, it includes software particularly to help carriers rapidly characterize the blueprint for the up and coming age of their business processes.

How SAP Leonardo helps

SAP Leonardo helps the digital change of telecommunications organizations so they can turn out to be real-time profit-driven organizations. It has SAP Big Data Margin Assurance, an industry software based on its Cloud Platform with cutting-edge predictive analytics and machine learning to help carriers use their data for bigger revenues and lessened expenses more successfully.

The accelerator aids telecos development from a business plan based on ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) to that based on IMPU (Individual Margin Per User). This facilitates them to maintain their organizations with an attention to profitability.

What's in store

Andreas Gentner is the innovation partner for SAP Big Data Margin Assurance. He says that SAP Big Data Margin Assurance helps integrate profitability with value, which will be a common formula for the telecommunications in the coming few years. He highlights that the solution provides low risk and high value to clients in very less time.

SAP for Telecommunications solutions enables carriers to flourish in the digital world by digitalizing tasks, extending client engagement and making new income streams. Dominant telecommunications organizations all over the globe utilize SAP industry solutions to make use of cloud advancements and digital organization plans.

Along with being available for telecommunications, SAP Leonardo bundles are also for games, entertainment, consumer goods, chemicals, transportation, oil and gas, and mining.


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