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The First Anniversary Of SAP Leonardo

[fa icon="calendar"] 07/08/18 09:10 by Editorial Team

Editorial Team


For a whole year, SAP Leonardo has been demonstrating the results of digital innovation that has enabled the streamlined integration of countless devices and software packages to create a superior network of artificial intelligence.

Numerous outlets in a variety of business, industrial and commercial enterprises have been aware for some time of the need to embrace intelligent technologies to harness their full potential in an increasingly global market. Those who have been bold enough to integrate with the Internet of Things through digital innovation are beginning to witness the startling results that can be achieved.

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Practical Applications Of Artificial Intelligence

All forms of business are constantly striving to deliver outstanding reliability to their customers combined with a reduction of expenditure that continues to respect the welfare of their employees. Leonardo's capabilities in streamlining and analysing vast quantities of data collated from numerous devices across a range of sources are providing solutions to recurring business problems.

Even the mundane task of gathering data from the routes customers take as they progress through a store, where they pause and for how long, can be instantly translated into an optimum package for future displays of products that will achieve the maximum financial impact. A worthy demonstration of machine learning that releases valuable resources for alternative projects.

An Extensive Portfolio

Companies that have opted to incorporate machine learning to optimise their efficiency and financial potential have witnessed Leonardo's deeply embedded knowledge of diverse industries including utilities, mining, transport, retail and telecommunications.

Such companies that have in the last year utilised the intelligent technologies that drive Leonardo's systems, have realised higher productivity, lower costs and a fully engaged workforce. Enterprises from manufacturing to services have been able to employ digital innovation to find accelerated, positive solutions to complex business problems.

Flexible Accessibility

SAP Leonardo is accessible through embedded applications of SAP Ariba, SAP S/4Hana and SAP Hybris, integrated industrial kits or an open innovation via a SAP Cloud Platform. Leonardo's advanced technology provides an efficient integration between almost four hundred thousand global enterprises in 180 countries.

With an SAP system currently being utilised in 77% of the world's financial transactions, it is a trusted innovation that delivers an extensive, seamless operation between companies. Business leaders can appreciate the technology of Leonardo at close quarters by visiting centres in New York, Sao Leopoldo, Paris, Bangalore and Singapore.

Futuristic Technology

An increasing number of businesses from all different spheres are learning to utilise the Internet of Things to provide a cost effective maximisation of their productivity. It is predicted that by 2025 artificial intelligence will have advanced sufficiently to account for at least 60% of the tasks traditionally undertaken by a human workforce.

Voice and image recognition is on course to be 100% perfect in the next few years. The futuristic intelligent technologies that incorporate a seamless transition between devices to produce optimal business solutions have already been here for the last year - in SAP Leonardo. 


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