SAP Leonardo paves a sleek new road to digital innovation


SAP Leonardo Information Services unlocks a sleek new road to digital innovationThe latest in the fast-paced world of digital transformation is the launch of three new SAP Leonardo Information services, which will enable businesses to speed up product design, enabling more innovation in less time.

SAP, a market leader in the digital age, has always prioritised sustainable business growth through a process of constant innovation and profitable operations, with a versatile platform that suits public sector customers and large companies alike.

Whatever the business, they have the solution, working on desktop and mobile device for optimum mobility, on-the-go business insight and efficient, profitable connections between people and organizations.

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An access point to tools, technology and expertise

The services are run on the SAP Cloud Platform offering application development services and various features. The guided empowerment approach offered by SAP Leonardo means that businesses can expect fast time-to-value from the get-go, as well as accelerated design, and smooth transition into the development and production stages of their projects.

Cloud platform production is undeniably the future of tech, and will allow for swift and smart production: this is digital transformation at its sleekest. SAP knows that each business is unique and with their Innovation Services, each business can explore the vast possibilities on offer before deciding on a tailor-made model that suits them best before embarking on their process of digitalization.

Alongside the latest tools, businesses can consult industry professionals, designers and IT experts to make the design and implementation process than much easier without the significant cost of large in-house operations.

Service possibilities

Once a business model has been identified using a design thinking process, businesses get to test before they invest by optimising the availability of new technologies such as Analytics, Data Intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT), Machine Learning and Big Data.

This way, businesses have a chance to experiment and determine the full scope of technological possibility in a guided environment with minimal risk. There are a number of service packages, to serve every business need:


Express edition

The express edition allows for swift implementation of Business industry and IOT accelerators such as 3D printing and live asset tracking. This means an eight-week turn-around of determining and implementing a solution, and customising it to company needs.


Open innovation edition

The open innovation edition helps customers create a new solution for their specific business challenges with a step by step guide from conceptualising to creating a model. Customers will be able to make use of the SAP Cloud Platform and have the option of hands-on collaboration with experts in the Digital Design zone.


Enterprise edition

The enterprise edition assists customers in creating multiple customized solutions to their unique business plans. It also offers digitalization support sessions on how to make the most of the packages on offer. Clients will have constant support by means of the Innovation Services showroom, Digital Design Zone and SAP Cloud Platform. This package is specifically tailored towards digital transformation. 

SAP's new Information Services is a union of cutting-edge technology and exciting new ideas and it promises to lead the way into a new generation of digitalization.


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