SAP TechEd Barcelona 2018: A Brief Overview


SAP TechEd Barcelona's most recent event kicked off at the end of October 2018. The primary focus was on The Intelligent Enterprise encompassing various cloud and on-premise solutions and technologies serving the enterprise environment. SAP TechEd Barcelona's main objective was to showcase products for each category which can facilitate efficient enterprise automation and offer innovative solutions for SAP systems.

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SAP TechEd Barcelona 2018. Day by Day

Day 1: What does The Intelligent Enterprise include?

The model comprises three key pillars including Intelligent Technologies, Intelligent Suite and the Digital Platform.

  • The Intelligent Technologies are innovative technologies including predictive & real-time analytics, machine learning, IoT and Blockchain.
  • The Intelligent Suite comprises cutting-edge line-of-business applications such as SAP Hybris, SuccessFactors, Ariba and S/4HANA.
  • The Digital Platform is SAP's baseline to help partners and customers in the age of intelligent computing and integrates technical foundations such as SAP HANA Data Management Suite, SAP Cloud Platform.

SAP Cloud Platform has started to close the gap concerning system integration and process administration although its still being considered as an additional integration kit. One of its highlights is the Integration Content Advisor for B2B and A2A environments. It uses machine learning to predict mappings across clients in its cloud platform.

Also, the Open Connectors innovative framework delivers RESful application program interfaces and JSON formats which can be installed in any cloud platform.

Day 2: It's All About Integration

TechEd kicked off on the 2nd day with a showcase about integration using SAP Process Orchestration. The focus was targeted towards showing why SAP Cloud Platform Integration and SAP Process Orchestration should be considered support systems for enterprise systems integration.

With the new hybrid platform, you can jump start and import content into  SCPI and examine full SCPI through SAP PO. However, GDPR rules or local regulations may prevent data from leaving a given region which is not served by SAP data centres. Although the fate of SAP PO was vague according to the earlier TechEd events this year, rumors of its death were exaggerated. Also, SAP refused to comment about the termination of NetWeaver BPM in 7.6.

The key takeaways of the day cover the extension of SAP PO 7.5 support until 2024, new release around 2022 of SAP PO 7.6, ESR & DIR clients will become obsolete, BPM will continue to exist until NetWeaver 7.6. Also, new tech for automatic testing is planned for the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019 and the ICA (Integration Content Advisor) will be available in the last quarter of 2018.

Day 3: Building an Interface for Accelerated Agility

Because of the fast-paced changes in the Intelligent Enterprise environment, integrations should be performed at high rates to prevent agility loss between the cloud and on-premise. Gartner Group stated that most of the development time is dedicated to defining integrations and less time is dedicated to developing an interface. So, to enable and accelerate integrations development, SAP has presented a few kits such as the Integration Content Advisor (ICA) and Open Connectors.


Linke's perspective of the SAP TechEd Barcelona 2018: Our highlights

As every year, Linke's SAP team attended the SAP Teched Barcelona to know the latest trends, services and solutions around SAP.


ABAP Cloud Platform

SAP presented a PaaS platform that will allow code development and execution on ABAP as a cloud service. This is good news for the ABAP community as we will have other alternatives to Java and node.js

In our opinion, this is only the first step as the initial version is still quite limited; it only allows a limited subset of objects and functionalities and it is still not possible for partners to develop ABAP Pass applications to multiples clients or even integrate them with SAP App Center. However, this last point has been promised to be ready during 2019.


Operations on HANA

This session was designed to become familiar with HANA Cockpit, the embedded database manager that runs on XSA of the database itself in browser format. Until now, a native HANA Studio client was used for database management, but they have announced that although they will continue to maintain it for some time, they will not develop new functionalities for it.

We think this is another step towards the homogenization of tools with an eye to the SAP Cloud Platform.


And more...

A few members of our team were in two code-jams related to the ABAP platform and Fiori. These code-jams allowed us to see that SAP's approach to the very near future is everything in the Cloud. That we have to go making the idea of seeing the SAPGUI disappear for development. Right now, the whole development theme will be done with Eclipse and WebIdes.

One of the things that surprised us the most was seeing that SAP is betting heavily on the SAP Leonardo relating it to the IoT (Internet of Things). They gave us a little demonstration with a slot machine that controlled your mood, your pulsations and some other things with a camera. And the machine if you were in a better mood gave better results than if you were sad. The girl who made the demonstration was explaining that they want to put this in a casino, but that it could also be used for the automotive industry, etc. Gave us a lot to think about!

The other part of our team was in a Hands-On "Maintenance Planner: Plan, Integrate, and Maintain with Services and Tools". We were touching the configuration of the Maintenance Planner and we saw that it could be indicated from the Planner if we were going to an On-Premise system or in the Cloud.

You can migrate an ERP / BW system (on-premise) to an S4 / HANA or S4BW / HANA (in the cloud), and from the plan itself indicate if you want to add more components to the destination and review the dependencies to determine if there are incompatibilities .

The Plan itself also took into account the addons in origin that were not compatible in the destination and proposed to eliminate them. It seems that the future for SAP is to direct everything towards the cloud.

Final Thoughts

TechEd Barcelona October event this year has provided great visions about the Intelligent Enterprise and its benefits. By continuously adapting software and technologies to the on-going demands of the business landscape, SAP's innovations help enterprises reach full automation.


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