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The largest technology company in Europe has announced an upcoming collaboration with Google. The aim of this new partnership is to enable SAP's customers to run the company's applications on Google Cloud and access Google's suite of productivity-enhancing applications. The two companies plan to integrate their applications so that it becomes possible to move seamlessly between them when working on a project.

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SAP Google Cloud platform

This way, SAP continues its firm commitment to bring its SAP HANA technology to everyone and in all possible technology platforms.

SAP HANA started as an infrastructure-oriented product on premise and has gradually been appearing in the offering of virtualisation, private cloud and public cloud providers such as vmware, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and now Google Cloud Platform.


The power of cloud platforms

This announcement is timely, as the European company is keen for its corporate customers to move away from running programs on their own devices and make the change to cloud-based software. Its powerful SAP HANA database software is already running on cloud platforms, meaning that customers are now able to use SAP HANA on devices with limited memory.

This can be done by switching to the Cloud when the tasks are too intensive to be completed on the customer's device. The increased accessibility of this software will make it easier for customers to manage and interpret big data in real-time.

SAP and Google

Google business applications such as Gmail and Google Calendar are also set to become available to the German company's customers. Since the company's multinational client base consists of over 345,000 businesses, amongst them some of the largest in the world, this is a very significant event.

This collaboration will increase the sophistication of the features available to developers and allow for the automation of software updates by technicians.

This is not the first time the two companies have teamed up - they previously came together to make the European company's apps available on Android, along with improving Android for Work support and working with IT teams to make sure that "Bring Your Own Device" strategies are secure and inexpensive. The companies have claimed that by collaborating they can "simplify work, improve productivity and extend collaboration".


Multiple collaborations

However, Google isn't the only big name that SAP has collaborated with - last year, it gave Apple's corporate developers permission to build SAP apps for the iPhone and iPad. It will even be releasing a software development kit to simplify the app-building process for programmers. Since there are over two million of these corporate developers, this agreement is a major milestone.

Google, like Apple, is trying to expand into the market of producing software for business. It seems likely that this partnership will bring it one step closer to its goal; the European giant is an expert in the field and has previously said it wants to become "the cloud leader for business apps".

The two companies are also said to be working together on machine learning initiatives. These are not set to be unveiled until May of this year.


With the addition of Google Cloud Platform, SAP demonstrates its interest in expanding the market for its SAP HANA technology. This is an important first step and we hope there are more steps in this direction to help Google Cloud Platform be an alternative to host a wider portfolio of SAP solutions.


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