Security for SAP systems running in the cloud

Linke & SAP Webinar June_cybersecurity_1080-1When you deploy SAP on AWS, you need to manage the accounts that gain access to the cloud. Cloud administrators need to come up with a way to organise the available resources and determine who has access to which resources. Then, provide levels of permissions for viewing and manipulating data.

At Linke we will be hosting a new webinar in partnership with SAP dedicated to cybersecurity and system administration based on SAP systems running in AWS cloud. Let's take a look at the main topics to be discussed. Also, do not forget to register, you still have time. 

Most administrators use unified identity access management tools to create permissions over AWS. They also help administrators assign roles for different applications and services. For example, some users can perform control functions on SAP instances such as networking and modifying VMs, while others can only view some of the resources. Several security practices are integrated into the identity management so that there is collaboration and agility to meet ongoing security needs.


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Use of DevSecOps

DevSecOps are a set of principles that organisations use to integrate security practices in DevOps processes. Essentially, the philosophy helps cloud security experts to create ‘Security as a Code’, which allows continuous collaboration between security and cloud management teams. DevSecOps, just like DevOps, is aimed at creating workable solutions for complex software processes in the same agile framework.

The philosophy is natural and follows a continuous delivery model. Therefore, it helps deal with security bottlenecks found in the old security models. Older systems experienced a disjoint between the security and IT team, making it hard for organisations to deploy security practices fast on SAP. However, DevSecOps ensures a fast and safe code delivery mechanism. It also gets rid of siloed thinking, which it replaces with shared responsibility and increased communication in every phase of the security code delivery.

Implementing DevSecOps on SAP Hosted in Cloud

Several processes go into baking DevSecOps onto the cloud environment. First, the organisation has to adopt an agile approach to security operations in that teams deliver small, frequent releases of code to patch up software vulnerabilities as soon as they are detected. This helps lower damage in cases of security breaches.

Besides, the business needs to employ automated testing and reporting. This can be extended to automated remediation of the misconfiguration problems within the cloud. Automation tools execute repeated tests and report the outcomes for faster feedback. On remediation, the system checks for policy violations, misconfigurations, and autocorrects them.

Challenges in Identity Access Management

Administrators implementing SAP on AWS face several identity and cybersecurity challenges while controlling access and monitoring cloud security. Most organisations find it hard to keep track of various ID and user logins for multiple services on the cloud. Here, a central identity management system is required.

Besides, cloud administrators are faced with the problem of provisioning and de-provisioning users on the cloud. The system provisions resources to each user on logging in but such resources remain auto-provisioned even when the user is not logged in and may take time to de-provision an employee who has been terminated. In addition, most organisations have siloed application directories such that their on-premise, network directories cannot be used in the cloud environment. They end up with a parallel directory for cloud management.

SAP deployment on AWS: Cybersecurity & System Administration Webinar

Join SAP and cybersecurity experts on our next webinar on June 16th, 11 am CET and learn the ways to secure and make SAP system administration and configuration easy. It will help administrators discover new tools to detect intrusion and other threats on SAP application layers

Besides, during the session we will talk about:

  • How digital identities and the corresponding access rights can be managed in cloud systems, especially for SAP environments on AWS
  • Challenges in identity accesses governance.
  • Automation of threat identification and cloud remediation.
  • Solutions to provide an independent encryption key management service.


Discover how digital identities and the corresponding access rights can be managed in cloud environments, especially for SAP systems on AWS.

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