Editorial Group SM overcame scalability and performance issues thanks to AWS


SM is a publishing company with a presence in Spain and 9 other countries throughout Latin America. For the last 80 years, they’ve published educational content for primary and secondary schools such as textbooks and literature for children and young adults. 
The company developed a digital education environment called “Savia” which helps both schools and teachers to manage lessons and follow up with homework in a safe and secure way. 

By migrating such environment to AWS with Linke's help, SM managed to overcome their scalability issues and improve their performance activity by 40% without upgrading their hardware infrastructure. 


The Challenge: performance and scalability issues 

Savia was developed and deployed on a public cloud infrastructure. They were suffering performance and scalability issues due to traffic peaks in the school’s schedule. Their platform would slow down and often crash during these peak times. 

Unable to keep up with the demand due to the existing rigid infrastructure, they were forced to find a solution that would help them scale their platform as when needed.


The Solution: platform migration to AWS

SM, supported by Linke, managed to migrate Savia to AWS cloud infrastructure to overcome their performance and scalability problems. Linke proposed using the following services:

  • Amazon EC2
  • Amazon S3
  • Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)
  • Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)
  • Amazon RDS

The elastic load balancers and auto-scaling resources were added to spread incoming traffic automatically to resources that are available. This helps to manage traffic to avoid downfalls and ensure high availability of the platform.

As a result, (Savia) was able to keep the platform functioning during critical peak hours for their users without having the platform slow down or crash. Also, during low traffic hours, the infrastructure is ‘switched off’ to reduce costs without affecting the availability of the service. 


Results: superior performance and scalability

Now Savia has overcome their scalability and performance issues with the migration to AWS. Their infrastructure is elastic and can adapt to the peaks and troughs of demand from their user base. 

SM’s managing infrastructure and quality coordinator has said: “Linke’s proof of concept carried out on AWS with a similar structure and environment to what was originally in place proved around 40%-50% improvement in machine consumption, performance and users’ capability on the same infrastructure”.

This has taken the load off their IT staff who can now focus on more strategic tasks such as integration and optimization. 


Are You Facing Similar Issues With Performance and Scalability?

If your cloud infrastructure isn’t providing you with the performance and scalability you need, consider switching to Amazon Web Services. Linke can help with your platform’s migration to AWS and optimize it for superior performance and scalability, just like we did with SM.

You can read the full case study be clicking to the following link: Case Study: SM


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