Smart Cities and AWS

We are on the brink of entering an age of smart cities.

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Information technology and dynamic civil engineering will become one, leading to a world where citizens, buildings, vehicles, devices and utilities are constantly connected and communicating. These smart urban networks will need to make good use of cloud technology.
Through AWS, Amazon is already providing a platform for organisations in a range of areas to build innovative urban technologies that bring the smart cities of the future into the present. Here we discuss some key partners involved with smart cities and AWS.

Public Safety

Firms are using AWS supported systems to modernise public safety technologies and make them more affordable to implement. For example, West Corporation has worked with AWS in launching Emergency Aware Services, a platform that pulls data from net connected objects such as smartphones, cameras, sensors and smart buildings, analyses the data with state of the art algorithms, and finally sends the data to personnel involved with public safety to help them make informed decisions in real time. Another company, ShotSpotter, have developed a gunshot detection system that sends alerts to law enforcement agencies to help them respond more quickly to gun crime.

Environment and Quality of Life

AWS partners are developing information technologies to help preserve the environment and making living conditions better for citizens. Smart garbage containers have been developed that detect when they are full and inform refuse services, allowing garbage collection routes to be optimised for maximum efficiency. Humidity sensors have been designed for use in public parks which use ground moisture measurements along with meteorological data to control sprinkler systems and prevent water wastage.

Public Health

The internet of things is allowing AWS partners to develop remote patient monitoring technologies that allow a reduction in healthcare costs without compromising patient care. Companies working on an AWS platform are also deploying smart sensors to detect snowfall and build up in public areas and allow public works teams to prevent risks of slippage and injury. Finally, air quality sensors are being placed in strategic locations around cities to provide more detailed information about particulate matter and help citizens at risk of lung issues.

Transportation and Logistics

Firms working on AWS supported systems are helping cities to put together smart transportation networks and help move citizens and goods around with greater efficiency. Park Smart is an AWS partnered technology that uses video sensors to keep a record of available parking spaces in real time, and sends the data to drivers via a mobile app so they can find a space without lengthy searching. Citi Logik gathers data to help cities improve their transport networks; it aggregates anonymous data collected from mobile users, which is then analysed by algorithms to give a broad and detailed overview of travel patterns throughout the network.

Associated Platforms

To provide a stronger link between firms developing smart cities and AWS, Amazon is collaborating with a number of platforms. One of these is C3IoT which provides firms with a platform for designing new internet of things capabilities, as well as analysing large data sets. Another platform working with AWS is DataV from Bsquare, which gives firms a means of connecting remote devices and keeping track of data streams.

Smart City Expo World Congress 

From 14th until 16th November, Barcelona will be scenario of the Smart City Expo World Congress where companies, governments, entrepreneurs and reserech centers across the planet will gather to discuss and discover new solutions and challenges to make our cities a more intelligent place to live and interact, not only now but in the near future. 

Linke will be sharing stand with Amazon Web Services as advanced consulting and authorised government partner offering their cloud migration services and knowledge around machine learning, IoT and artificial intelligence.  

See you at:
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