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Amazon has introduced an AWS Workspaces Free Tier: New users will now be able to create two virtual desktops that can be used for a combined 40 free hours per month for two calendar months.

The Workspace Free Tier is open to Amazon Web Services customers who have not yet tried Workspaces and is available in every region where Workspaces are supported. Unfortunately, Workspaces are not currently available as part of the AWS Free Tier –the 12 month trial of the service– so you’ll need a standard Amazon Web Services account to take advantage of the Workspaces trial.

Why AWS Workspaces?

We’ve written in depth about the features of AWS Workspaces. Put simply, Workspaces offer the convenience of cloud-based desktops combined with a high level of customisation, allowing users to unleash unparallelled productivity.

Workspaces also offers hourly-based pricing, a great solution for situations where your users don’t need constant access to their virtual desktop.

Start Your Free Trial

To get started, simply follow the instructions in the Quick Setup guide to provision your first Workspace. The trial will begin as soon as the WorkSpace is launched and last until the following calendar month.

Users of a Workspace don’t need to have an AWS account to access it – they simply log in with the details provided to them by email when you launched their Workspace.

Select Your Bundle

The Free Tier allows you to provision two standard bundle Workspaces with the following hardware specifications:
  • Cloud desktop featuring two vCPUs
  • 4 GB memory
  • 50 GB SSD storage

Standard bundle Workspaces are powered by Windows Network and can be either Windows 7 or Windows 10 based. Your new virtual desktops will also come preloaded with Internet Explorer 11, Mozilla Firefox and 7-Zip as well as access to Amazon WorkDocs with 50 GB of storage.

A Few Caveats

As with all free trials, there are a few limitations to keep in mind if you’d like to avoid additional fees.

Calendar Months

The trial period is based on calendar months, not days, so your trial will run until the end of the next month after the first Workspace was launched.

At the end of two calendar months, the Workspaces you launched during the trial period will automatically convert into standard Workspaces and be billed at normal rates, so make sure to delete your Workspaces if you’ve decided not to continue using the service.

40 Hour Limit

The monthly 40 hour allotment is shared between your two Workspaces, and unused hours won’t roll over to the next month. If you do happen to use all 40 hours available in a month, additional hours will be charged at Amazon’s standard – but very reasonable – hourly rates for AutoStop mode. You won’t, however, be charged the monthly infrastructure cost during the two calendar months your trial takes place, regardless of how many hours you use.

Changing Modes

The Workspaces free trial is only available in conjunction with AutoStop mode, which will be selected for you by default. Workspaces also offers the AlwaysOn mode, which allows desktops to run continuously, but switching to this mode will end your Free Tier trial and you’ll be charged monthly at regular rates.

Start Now

Launch your first Workspace now using the Quick Setup and start exploring the flexibility of virtual desktops!

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