Store and Analyse Full Systems Data with S3 Sync and EC2 Systems Manager



Time is our most valuable commodity and the plethora of apps and software tools that promise to save precious minutes reflects its importance to us all. Our operating systems are no different: finding the right systems management tools is essential for better efficiency and organisation. 

EC2 Systems Manager Capabilities

EC2 Systems Manager has S3 Sync capability which makes managing your systems and software so much easier. It is able to configure both Windows and Linux operating systems and can also apply on OS patch if needed.

By creating visual system diagrams, it is also able to create a complete list of software, providing you with a useful inventory. Furthermore, it can be managed remotely giving you permanent access to your system and ultimate security wherever you may be.

S3 Sync

The newest addition to the Amazon EC2 web service is the Resource Data Sync, also known as the S3 Sync. One of its most useful features is the ability to collect data and inventories from a range of systems in different locations which can then be saved in the cloud via Amazon S3.

Other Amazon S3 tools can then be applied to help you analyse this data as well as create visual systems images for helpful comparison and simple diagnostic checks. By storing data in different S3 buckets, you can see a visual image of your full software inventory in real-time from any location.

Take an Instance Inventory Quickly and Easily

Once EC2 Systems Manager has successfully launched a new EC2 instance for your system, you can install an SSM Agent and create an S3 bucket to record the inventory from your instance and store it for future reference.

Installing SSM Agent and creating an S3 bucket could not be simpler thanks to user-friendly pull-down menus and tabs as well as the thorough EC2 Systems Manager user guide. Furthermore, you can schedule how often you would like to record systems data for maximum security. By working together, these tools offer full protection across the globe as the S3 bucket does not have to be in the same region as the Resource Data Sync. 

Link With Other Amazon Web Services Tools

Once your systems information is successfully sent to your Amazon S3 buckets, you can sync with other Amazon tools such as Amazon Athena to perform an enhanced analysis of the diagnostics by running queries and even use security tools to encrypt the information.

In addition, Amazon Quicksight can allow you to create a visual image of the full system information that can be stored indefinitely in S3. With Amazon EC2 Systems Manager, you can save inventories of different systems in S3 buckets from various accounts in any of the full range of regions, saving you time and money while affording valuable peace of mind.

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