Flexibility and Scalability: Majestic Resorts success story


Most companies in this digital era understand that survival in the competitive market needs innovations for efficiency and cost reduction. Companies can improve efficiency and flexibility through the implementation of compatible ERP system in cloud platforms.  The use of ERP systems brings automation in primary company functions such as sales, inventory management, human resource management and customer relation.
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One permanent solution for flexibility in multinationals' SAP systems is the integration of systems in cloud environments. This article is a case study of how Majestic Resorts solved the problem through SAP deployment on AWS with Linke’s expertise in both SAP and AWS.

The Challenge: the pursuit of centralized systems

Most large enterprises face the challenge of real-time ERP data access, especially for multinationals that operate several entities in different locations worldwide. For Majestic, they had the challenge of bringing together all the heterogeneous systems into a central system that would simplify management and promote agility, scalability and efficiency. With heterogeneous systems, there is a challenge of data storage and access. With such systems, the resort’s efficiency was hampered by the difficulty of accessing operational data and being forced to replicate the entire system structure in each data center. 

The Solution: the power of AWS cloud to the rescue

To solve this challenge, Majestic Resorts had to invest in cloud computing as well as ERP solutions that would enable the resort to consolidate its worldwide operations and enhance scalability. The resort chose TMS as the ERP system for Hotels, Indra’s SAP-based solutions for hospitality. These SAP-based solutions would streamline all the resort’s processes such as procurement, billing, warehousing. For the central system solution, Majestic Resorts took advantage of all the benefits offered by AWS cloud, mainly its scalable and flexible infrastructure.
And as stated by Majestic Resorts' IT manager,  Manuel Cortés, "it has been key both the capabilities offered by the AWS native cloud platform as well as Linke´s experience in SAP and AWS, which has allowed faster implementations and configurations, fundamental for the success of the project."

The Results: maximizing the value of data

The whole process was completed in four months, and the company is already enjoying the benefits. Through the SAP deployment on AWS, the resort achieved better optimization of its technological resources and also simplified management. The use of a single central data point also enabled more accessible access to management information as well as the historical data required for reports and forecasts. Efficiency in data is a milestone in allowing the resort to make strategic decisions and increase scalability when there are changes needed.

The new capabilities include an online distribution system that has enabled the integration of inventory data from vendors websites.With this new functionality, the resort’s sales purchasing department will easily identify the available supplies. The information can also be of benefit to the sales department in determining what is available and how to come up with the best prices.


And what's more, this is just the beginning of this successful integration. Majestic is also studying the implementation of other solutions developed by Linke such as the AWS Connector for SAP in order to optimize data integration. 

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