Support for Large S/4HANA Deployment on AWS


Amazon Web Services offers a wide variety of cloud-based services such as storage and analytics. The company has been working with some of the largest enterprises to power their workload.Download 5 Steps to optimize your SAP on AWS costs



SAP and Amazon Web Services have been in collaboration since 2011. In the past couple of years, Amazon and SAP have worked together to provide fast and effective memory deployment options. The options would account for all of the workload ranging from 60 Gigabytes to 12 Terabyte instances.

The Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) was designed to run large in-memory databases optimised for large mission-critical enterprise workloads operated on SAP HANA.

The Amazon EC2

The Amazon EC2 runs on the latest 64-bit Intel processor. The EC2 operates at a high throughput and low latency of 25 Gbps of network bandwidth using the Amazon Network Adapter. It also facilitates both encrypted and unencrypted data volume transmissions. The Amazon EC2 High memory instance offers 6 TB, 9TB or 12TB of memory in a single instance.

The S/4HANA on AWS is supported on a single node configuration that accommodates up to 12 TB of data memory while also being supported on a scale-out configuration that provides up to 48 TB. This means it has 4 nodes running up to 12 TB each.

Using the Service to Increase Business Efficiency

S/4HANA is the future for all enterprises because data are a fraction of what they used to be before. Also, data can now automatically integrate into various applications. SAP HANA workloads in the cloud can use the Amazon Web Services Nitro system to provide security, to connect business applications with any data sources, and also to automate various processes. This efficiency saves time and frees up resources while also improving the user experience.

SAP HANA configurations on Amazon Web Services come in various packages and feature flexible pricing. This has been a very useful option for customers who have been able to start out using a lower memory size. As their business or enterprise keeps growing, they upgrade to a higher memory size.

With this service, you will be able to scale up to a larger instance type by clicking the start and stop buttons. You no longer have to suffer through the lengthy migration processes. The cost of such an upgrade is very low.

Technology does not conform to the limits of mankind. Therefore, SAP and Amazon Web Services are working together to provide more site resources to the users and achieve even higher memory instances of 24TB or 18TB.


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