The Amazon Kinesis Service

Amazon Kinesis an Amazon Web Service (AWS) used for processing huge amounts of data in real time. It has the ability to process chunks of terabytes from high magnitudes of streaming data every hour. This makes it easy for the streaming data to be collected, processed and analyzed in real-time. This process, in turn, provides an opportunity to get insights and react promptly to new information.


Amazon Kinesis

There are other technologies such as Hadoop that are also used to process data in batches. They still have gaps, especially the inability to make real-time operational decisions on constantly streaming data. The power of Kinesis, however, fills such gaps. This is the capability that then brings ease to the process of writing applications that depend on data that has to be processed in real time. Kinesis enables you to ingest real-time data like application logs, audio, video, and website clickstreams for applications such as analytics and machine learning.

Amazon Kinesis generally provides what is needed for a cost-effective way of processing streaming data regardless of scale. It also offers the flexibility to select the tools that perfectly suit the requirements of an application.


What Amazon Kinesis Does

Kinesis blends with Amazon Simple Storage Service, Amazon Dynamo Database and Amazon Redshift in addition to other many third-party products. The Kinesis service has useful functions applicable to data firehose, video streams, data streams and data analytics.

Kinesis Video Streams enable the users to easily and securely stream videos from connected devices to the Amazon Web Service for processing. Kinesis Data Streams, on the other hand, enables the users to build custom and real-time applications that can process data streams with the desired stream processing frameworks. These two functions deal with capturing, processing and storing of video and data streams.

Kinesis Data Firehose is a responsible for loading data streams into the Amazon Web Service data stores. This provides the simplest way to capture and transform data. The transformed data is usually loaded to streams into the Amazon Web Service data stores for quick real-time analytics with the existing business intelligence tools. Finally, the Kinesis Data Analytics analyzes data streams using standard SQL. It makes it easy to process the data streams in real time without the need to learn new processing frameworks or programming languages.


How The Kinesis Works

For the data firehose, data is captured and sent to the Kinesis Data Firehorse. The data is then prepared and continually loaded to the desired destination in the Amazon Web Service. The data is stored for analytics; the streaming data can be analyzed using the desired BI tools. On the data analytics side, the data captured by either the Kinesis Data Streams or Firehorse is run through the standard SQL queries and sent to the analytics tools from where the user can create alerts and respond in real-time. 

All the Kinesis services are offered at a cost. The amount, which is billed on the normal AWS PAYG plan, depends on the way the information is packaged and the amount of data the user processes.

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