SAP Inside Track in Frankfurt


The hotly awaited SAP Inside Track Conference is nearly upon us

The SAP Inside Track Conference will take place in Frankfurt am Main in Germany on March 25th, 2017. This conference has proved to be extremely popular as tickets for delegates sold out at 2.15 pm on the day on which they were released.

Designed to be engaging and accessible for all members of the SCN community (including architects, consultants, freelancers and customers), this conference will play host to some exciting speakers.

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What will be on the agenda at SAP Inside Track in Frankfurt 2017?

The agenda for this conference is still being finalised as panel, talk and workshop proposals are still being accepted (with 25 tickets set aside for speakers, which gives you an idea of how rich the set of talks will be). The full agenda is set to be released on March 1st.

Nevertheless, some of the speakers and their topics have already been confirmed, and these are detailed below.



Some highlights to look forward to at the forthcoming Frankfurt event

Confirmed talks on the day include one on Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing (NLP) by Soumyasanto Sen, one on SAP Basis by Christian Braukmüller, and one on how HANA and Vora work well together given by Abdel Dadouche and Vitaliy Rudnytskiy.

They will be joined by speaker such as Lucia Subatin talking on the HANA Express Edition and Daniel Koller discussing LoRaWan, with a particular reference to IOT-Applications. This is just a small selection of the talks on offer. Surveying the entirety of the schedule so far, it is clear that HANA will be a key theme for many speakers, as will IOT services and ABAP.

Talks will combine theory and practice, with some sessions designed to help delegates to get to grips with using the relevant architecture. Braukmüller's session, for instance, will also include handy explanatory elements on how to use Kernel and Profileparameters to perform SysOps operations (in contrast to doing these operations freestyle in an incident driven way).



Take advantage of Latebird offers

This conference is a relaxed and friendly one, which is designed to foster a strong sense of community within the world of SAP. It begins and ends, for example, with a laid back trip to a local pub in order to enable the delegates to get to know each other a little better.

Most delegates will also be speakers and vice versa, so the atmosphere will be a dynamic one. It is still possible to attend this conference, as Latebird offers for speakers will be open throughout February. So why not take advantage of them and see if you can attend it?


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