The benefits of continuous automation

Continuous automation is the aim of the game when it comes to modern software development. As software projects get more and more complex, the workload of maintaining them increases.
Building, deploying and managing your application is no longer thought of as a linear progression but rather a continuous process. Tools like Chef Automate help manage this digital transformation as businesses begin to adapt to a new way of thinking about software development.

Digital transformation through automation

Agile, Lean and DevOps (ALDO) techniques and practices have seen increased adoption within the software industry as development moves towards a world where a lot of software is provided as a service and so does not go through more traditional development routes whereby development typically occurs in stages.
Since software development is now more continuous, software developers will find more and more regularly occurring tasks as part of the development and deployment process that can and should be automated. Deploying frequently and reliably is now encouraged as both a philosophy and practice. Automatic testing, reviewing, building and deployment of code all contribute towards a more agile development process.

Focus your development priorities

Tools like Chef Automate have been created so that you can develop automated pipelines to provide continuous delivery. By applying a consistent development pipeline at all stages of the project, many processes can become easily automated, saving your developers time to focus on writing useful code.
The less your work process is automated, the more manual steps must be undertaken and these cost both time and money in the form of your development team. Manual steps also require verification to spot mistakes, which is also both costly but also imprecise.
With automatic build, test and deployment tools, your systems can easily verify code integrity in an instant and even automatically reject errors that cause builds to fail. Not only is it faster, but it is also safer.

Continuous automation, continuous delivery

An app that can be constantly and reliably updated, with automatic systems for testing, building and deploying, will find itself outpacing rivals using more traditional delivery methods.
Combined with other development philosophies like ALDO and vertical integration of teams, it enables teams to develop new features and deliver results faster. Clients seeing continuous delivery are happy and errors become much easier to both detect and eliminate.


By integrating continuous, automated development practices into your work process, you can enjoy the benefits that automatic testing, building and deploying can bring to your project. The amount of time developer time saved alone over manual code reviews, QA processes and sign offs on commits should be enough to convince many project managers, but the other benefits are not to be understated.
By automating testing, building and deployment processes on every commit, not only are you providing a rapidly evolving project but also one that can help automatically flag and pinpoint errors and fails in the process. You can therefore feel more confident with each new deployment.

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