The cloud and the way it is changing business


We have all heard of the concept of cloud computing but perhaps we don't realise just how dependent we have become of the cloud. No advance in computing technology has had such a significant effect on computing and business as the cloud, it has literally changed the entire way we think about computing and data management.

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What is the cloud?

Almost every application that you can think of will use cloud technology in some or other way. This begs the question, what exactly is "the cloud"? The cloud simply refers to data that is stored on remote servers instead of locally on-site. In recent years there has been a big shift in the way we do business and deal with data, we no longer prefer keeping our data on-site, we now send it to the cloud for safekeeping.

This is a fundamental change from the way that most computer systems were set up and designed to work, data was always stored locally on a server and accessed via your local network. The cloud means that you access your data via the internet. Data is stored in many different locations and accessed with applications that can find exactly what you are looking for. This applies to financial data, management data, personal data and every other type of data imaginable. 


Benefits of using the cloud

The greatest benefit of using cloud data is the scalability that it offers. Need more space? No need to upgrade your local server, simply purchase more cloud storage. Not being able to adapt to changing trends fast enough is the biggest enemy of any business.

Can you imagine the effect a crashing website will have on your business when your server is swamped by customers eager to purchase from you? Cloud computing also offers a lot of redundancy since data is often stored in more than one location to aid in the easy recovery of systems should something go wrong.

There is also the advantage of lowered costs, implementing your own on-site data farm can be quite costly thus using the services of a company that specialises in data storage is very attractive to many companies. There is also the safety factor to consider, data storage companies go to great lengths to protect the data of customers, especially in countries where there is very strict legislation regarding this.


Cloud Computing and DevOps

The cloud and DevOps are also integrated and developed side by side since they both aim for better integration across platforms. Allowing data to be accessed by multiple devices means that people who need access to important data can get access to it on the fly.

The restrictive approach of allowing just one platform to access data is being phased out by the implementation of DevOps and the cloud. 


The future of the cloud

From this, we can clearly see that the cloud has revolutionised the way we do business and changed the world of the internet forever. Cloud computing is a continually evolving technology that is improving and re-inventing itself constantly.

New uses for data is being found on a regular basis. With more data than ever before being stored on digital platforms, the possibilities for big data analysis is another advantage that has yet to be developed to its full potential. We have entered a brave new era with the cloud, perhaps we should be embracing the changes and enjoying the advantages.


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